“Performing Olana”: Site-Specific Theater in Hudson [Berkshire on Stage]

(photo: Amy Hufnagel)
(photo: Amy Hufnagel)

The Olana Partnership, in collaboration with the Ancram Opera House, will present Performing Olana, an original play throughout the Olana landscape, on Friday-Sunday (September 22-24).

Performing Olana has been written by nationally recognized playwright and TV writer, Darrah Cloud and co-directed by the innovative Ancram Opera House creatives Jeffrey Mousseau and Paul Ricciardi along with The Olana Partnership’s Director of Education Amy Hufnagel. The three theater artists have been working for months to design an immersive, promenade style theater production to be delivered at the Olana State Historic Site in Hudson while the audience follows the story through the historic site.

It is a play that takes the interpretation of Olana to another level – both in terms of costumed “interpretation” but also in the untold and imagined stories between the lines of letters and journals in the Church archive. The piece draws inspiration from Frederic Church’s paintings, letters, family life and the celebrated landscape and is presented as an immersive experience in which performer and audience journey together into Church’s art. This production falls between the categories of creative non-fiction and historic fiction.

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