CD REVIEWS: Memos from the Underground III

Album reviews by Tim Livingston

Some recent album releases that you may have missed but are well worth a listen:

THE GODFATHERS: A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (Metropolis)

Led by singer Peter Coyne, London’s the Godfathers return with a mean, lean, straight-up rock n’ roll record. Sometimes garage-rocking, sometimes a bit psychedelic, the band just flat-out rocks. Fuzzy, layered guitars, thundering drums and a jangly pop number or two all combine to make this release a powerful statement for the band.

The title track is a hard-rocking steamroller of a tune. “Till My Heart Stops Bleeding” follows with a pulsing tempo and sing along-chorus. In a perfect world “You Don’t Love Me” would be a radio hit, and “Lets Get Higher” is a psychedelic guitar feast. The closer, “You and Me Against the World” perhaps gives a vocal nod to David Bowie and is a great song that serves as a fitting tribute (if, in fact, that was its intent).

You like hard hitting straight-on rock? The Godfathers deliver the goods. Get this now!

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: Best Served Loud: Live At Barrowland (An Approved Recordings)

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Jake Burns’ Stiff Little Fingers offer up this great sounding, high energy, furious, career-spanning live set. Filled with highlights from Belfast’s finest’s illustrious run (“Suspect Device,” Nobody’s Hero,” “Tin Solider,” Roots Radicals…” etc.), this is by no means simply a trip down memory lane, as many of these highlights include more recent songs from their catalog (“My Dark Places,” “Guilty as Sin”).

You can “feel” the crowd getting really wired before the band even hits the stage, as a pre-recorded “Go for It” plays in the venue, and then they break loose as SLF charges into “Wasted Life.” Twenty tracks total, one after another, of SLF greatness from Ireland’s best-ever punk band and one hell of a smashing show.

When the opening chords of the encore closer “Alternative Ulster” ring out, you can almost feel a collective chill up the spine happening. Life is short and filled with moments. You have to seize these moments. You really get the feeling that at this moment of this show everyone in the audience only cared about that moment… Cheers to Stiff Little Fingers for carrying on!

CD Reviews: Memos from the Underground II
CD Reviews: Memos from the Underground

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