THEATER REVIEW: “Lost Lake” at the Unicorn Theatre [Berkshire on Stage]

Lynnette R. Freeman and Quentin Mare. Photo: Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware.
Lynnette R. Freeman and Quentin Mare. Photo: Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware

Review by Macey Levin

Two lonely people adrift in private worlds filled with conflict and confusion proceed to build an improbable friendship. Their story unfolds in David Auburn’s sweet and affecting play Lost Lake, beautifully directed by Daisy Walker at Berkshire Theatre Group’s Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge.

Veronica (Lynnette R. Freeman) a Manhattan nurse practitioner, rents a ramshackle cottage on an upstate New York lake for a week’s summer vacation for her two young children from Hogan (Quentin Mare), a self-proclaimed handyman who isn’t very handy. She is strong and direct, while he prevaricates and offers promises that will not be fulfilled.

Visiting in the spring to look over the cottage, she discovers it needs cleaning, has to have the water burner fixed, the land-line telephone turned on, an extra bed, the dock in the lake must be repaired and a loose shutter has to be secured. Having been his home for the last year, Hogan promises his clothes and personal possessions will be gone when Veronica and the kids arrive. After some haggling about financial details, she gives him a deposit based on his guarantees. When she arrives in mid-August nothing has been done.

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