EMPAC Offers HoloLens “Mixed Reality” Demo [Berkshire on Stage]

On Wednesday (November 1), EMPAC at RPI will offer a free day-long demonstration of the Microsoft HoloLens “mixed reality” platform, followed by an evening talk with Microsoft developer Kayla Kinnunen focused on the technology’s many possible applications. The demonstration will take place on the EMPAC Mezzanine from 10am-9pm and will allow guests to experiment with the wearable, interactive HoloLens technology. Kinnunen’s talk, titled “Microsoft HoloLens and the Future of Human-Computer Interaction,” will begin at 7pm in the EMPAC Theater.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is the world’s first fully untethered, self-contained holographic computer. Wearing the headset, users scan their physical surroundings and use gestures to place and manipulate digital 3D objects. Distinct from virtual-reality environments, the HoloLens creates a “mixed reality” where computer-generated elements are integrated into the human world. From the classroom to the operating room and into the performing arts, applications for the system are just starting to be explored.

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