Friday Flashback Flyer: Missy Bly @ Valentine’s, 2005

Ah, yes, remember ye olde pre-digital days? Those way-back-when days when bands and clubs actually printed up their schedules on paper to staple to telephone poles around town and actually mail out to fans via the U.S. Postal Service?

Well, we’ve dug deep into the vast Nippertown Research Department Deep Storage Facility to retrieve some vintage Local 518 music scene ephemera before it completely disintegrates. (The ephemera, not the scene…)

Here’s a real gem from 2005 when “Hello Pretty City” was still on WRPI-FM…

Blotto’s Prom Night @ JB Scott’s, 1980
The Chance, April, 1984
Jazz for the Arts Festival, 1994
“Live at QE2” Recording Sessions, 1990
Tiger’s Pub, March, 1990

The Avett Brothers @ Revolution Hall, 2007

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