BEST OF 2017: The Alt’s Best Shows of the Year?

As you might expect, today’s issue of The Alt features some Best of the Year lists. And at the top of Katie Cusack’s list of Best Concerts is the Babe Fest held at the Nicholas Cage back in June.

Only one problem…

Not to nitpick, but on this week’s Alt TV podcast, Cusack says that she didn’t make it to Babe Fest. (Check in at the 13:50 mark.)

So now we’re confused.

  1. J Hunter says


  2. Simone says

    Doh. I guess she meant “theoretically” the best.

  3. Rudy says

    Wait for it: fake news from the Alt. Hey-oh!

  4. Dan Maddalone says

    It was one of the best shows of the year and based on the article about the show that Katie wrote involving women in the community, its clearly important enough to put on a list. This isn’t that confusing and this prodding by you guys seems pointless and dumb.

  5. Greg says

    Sorry to get you so rankled, Dan. I assume that you were at the show because you also judged it as one of the best shows of the year. But listing a show that you didn’t attend as one of the best of the year is disingenuous at best. List it as the Most Important Show of the Year or something similar, but if you weren’t there, you can’t possibly judge the quality of the actual performance… Heck, I’ve seen some pretty horrible concerts by artists who I greatly admire and whose performance I expected to be magnificent. It ain’t always that way… I certainly don’t think Katie was trying to pull a fast one on anybody – as on the podcast she readily admitted that she did not attend the show – and I’m sure that she meant well. But an asterisk/footnote/explanation was required in the print versions. That’s all I’m sayin’…

  6. Gene says

    he knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

  7. Matt Parker says

    This is corny and tasteless. Allocate your time better. Focus on the advancement of your brand rather then critiquing the context of another journalists writing. The minute and a half it took to compose this article could have been spent contacting a web designer to advance this piss-poor website. And while I wasn’t at the show, nor do I have any attachment to Katie/The Alt, this mostly bothered me because it seems you have absolutely nothing better to report on other than this embarrassing excuse of constructive criticism towards a rival blog.

  8. Noah says

    Half the over 50 crowd lists Woodstock as one of the greatest concerts of all time and likely didn’t attend. This isn’t worth noting. Get off your high horse. This is worse than a mistake, it’s tasteless and tone deaf.

  9. David King says

    What is disingenuous Greg, is you posting this without admitting you watched Alt TV and knew why Katie named it her best show. Further, it is just journalistic malpractice to ask her to comment on it before writing this post.

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