SEEN: Playlist, 1/1-7/18

I was knocked down by a headache, sore throat, congestion and all the other classic symptoms of a cold, while the outdoor temperatures struggled (unsuccessfully) to stay above zero, so it seemed like a good idea to hunker down in hibernation mode, crank up the TV and self-medicate with aspirin, clementines, plenty of fluids and a constant supply of movies. With that in mind, here are the films that were on my screen(s) during the past week:

“The Dance of Reality” (2013)
“The Missouri Breaks” (1976)
“Chasing Trane” (2016)
“The Stanford Prison Experiment” (2015)
“Mr. Roosevelt” (2017)
“The Godfather” (1972)
“The Godfather, Part II” (1974)
“The Godfather, Part III” (1990)
“Bright” (2017)
“Okja” (2017)
“A Ghost Story” (2017)

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