Parade o’ Shoes: Leo Russo

Leo Russo @  "Celebration of the Saxophone in Jazz" at Proctors' Robb Alley, Schenectady, 4/15/12 (photo by Rudy Lu)
Leo Russo @ “Celebration of the Saxophone in Jazz” at Proctors’ Robb Alley, Schenectady, 4/15/12

Photograph by Rudy Lu

81-year-old saxman Leo Russo will be blowing strong with Cliff Brucker’s all-star jazz combo Full Circle at Van Slyke’s at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady at 2pm on Sunday (March 11), in celebration of the release of the band’s sophomore album, Full Circle, Vol. 2 featuring Leo Russo. In addition to Russo and drummer Brucker, the band will feature keyboardists Larry Ham and Pete Levin, guitarist Mike Novakowski, trumpeter Dylan Canterbury and bassist Otto Gardner. Admission is free.

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