Hear Today… Gone Tomorrow: WAIX-FM, The Ex

Local music champion radio station WAIX-FM has shifted modulations – no longer on FM, it’s now an AM station…

Broadcast radio is constantly changing these days, but it still seemed like a sonic shockwave when the delightfully eclectic and staunch Local 518 music supporter WAIX-FM (106.1 The X) radically shifted formats from a rather adventurous, free-form playlist to something much more clogged up with FLY 92-like contemporary pop at 12midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning.

Formerly a business talk station, WAIX (aka, The X and the Albany Independent Experience) launched its local music-friendly format in June with Dave Decker (of the band Left Hand Shake) and Art Fredette (the Lawn Sausages) as co-Program Directors/Music Directors. But the new format lasted only nine months on the FM dial. Owned by Empire Broadcasting Corporation, WAIX-FM 106.1 is now The Jockey.

Decker offered a “no comment” when asked about the format shift, but in the meantime, you can still hear The X’s diverse programming broadcast on WABY (900AM). GO HERE to listen live online…

Stay tuned for further developments…

  1. J Hunter says

    One of the few reasons to listen to music radio in the Capital Region. I am disgusted, but not surprised.

  2. Timothy Reidy says

    Last week they did not prepare anyone for this at their sponsored concert, sorry they could have not tried harder to note the change. at least the station did keep a home.

  3. steve burleski says

    This sucks!

  4. Mary Wheeler says

    This is horrible!! Finally a station that is so eclectic and plays LOCAL BANDS EVERY HOUR!!! Come on put it back on FM! This is the best station

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