A MOMENT WITH… Playwrights Richard Lovrich & Brian Sheldon


Troy Foundry Theatre continues its Dark Day Mondays series of staged readings at 7:30pm tonight (Monday, May 14) with a double-bill at Collar Works in Troy. Richard Lovrich’s Checking Out is the story of Edward, who attempts to buy a single pair of colorful socks at a strip-mall discount fashion store, while Brian Sheldon’s Landsharks asks, “How far would you go to get your vision of the American Dream, and what would you do to keep it?” Admission is free.

Q: When did you know you were a playwright?
Lovrich: I started telling stories by drawing cartoons with captions. This method was, in time, eclipsed by writing my very short stories, preferring to plant and to nurture images in the reader’s or listener’s mind’s eyes. Only one thing was missing, one thing left to do, I needed to stop talking and to let my characters, that I had greatly already enjoyed describing, speak for themselves.
Sheldon: In 11th grade I was taking a class called American Drama. We were researching different playwrights, and I came across Terrance McNally. I was moved by his willingness to throw away the “rules” of writing and thought I could do the same thing.

Q: What inspires you to make art?
Lovrich: I suppose I am striving to fill voids. I am driven by a need, both to make art and to connect with other creatives, clients and the public in the process of making art.
Sheldon: I’m driven by the things that can be and not by those things that are. Art is an ever growing and changing thing that allows us to manipulate it at will. I like the idea that at any moment I can create a world and in another, tear it down and build a new one.

Q: What do you hope audiences will feel walking away from your play?
Lovrich: I hope that they can relate to our protagonist, that they find Checking Out memorable and, of course, that they are amused.
Sheldon: My hope is that the audience can remember their American Dream. As flawed as they are, these men are chasing what will make them happy and will go to great lengths to get it. The misfortunes that pop up along the way either help them toward their goals or stop them dead in their tracks. It’s how we handle ourselves and the actions we take that ultimately determine whether or not we achieve our American Dream.

WHAT: Checking Out, a short play by Richard Lovrich; directed by David Girard
WITH: Landsharks by Brian Sheldon; directed by Katie Pedro
WHERE: Collar Works, Troy
WHEN: Tonight (Monday, May 14), 7:30pm

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