Bridge Street Theatre Presents “There Is a Happiness That Morning Is” [Berkshire on Stage]

In Catskill, Bridge Street Theatre is presenting Mickle Maher’s play There Is a Happiness That Morning Is, directed by John Sowles. Kicking off with a pay-what-you-will preview tonight (Thursday, September 6), the play runs through Sunday, September 16.

A crumbling liberal arts college in rural New England is the setting for Chicago-area playwright Mickle Maher’s play, an unexpectedly raucous and joyously word-drunk celebration of art, ardor, and academia.

For 20 years, two professors have been carrying on a secret love affair while simultaneously lecturing on the poetry of William Blake – he on “Songs of Innocence,” she on “Songs of Experience.” But their classes today are going to be particularly challenging. Last night on the college quad, while conducting an impromptu al fresco lecture, the pair became so carried away while reading Blake aloud that they threw off their clothes and made mad, passionate love in full view of their students as well as the school’s puritanical president. Now, desperate to salvage both their careers and their love, they need to convince a scandalized campus community that this “public showing” of their “dew-dipped thighs” was the apotheosis of Blakean ecstasy or else suffer the consequences.

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