Media Theorist Dawna Ballard to Speak at EMPAC at RPI [Berkshire on Stage]

On Thursday (September 20) at 7pm, Dawna Ballard will present the talk Creating Time Through Design at EMPAC at RPI in Troy. Ballard is a media theorist who specializes in the study of time as it relates to human communication. Admission is free and open to the public.

Ballard will discuss the topic of “chronemics,” how our many contemporary methods of communication shape and are shaped by our understanding of time. Revealing time as a hidden surface against which we measure activity, productivity, and personal virtue in the workplace and across society, Ballard focuses on how communication affects communities, organizations and individuals. In particular, Ballard’s research uses chronemics to explore the history of work/life balance in the context of our 24/7, always-on, information-overloaded, multi-tasking culture.

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