ArtBeat: Three Must-See Exhibits in Albany [Get Visual]

Installation shot of Sharon Bates's show Exhibit B at Opalka Gallery (photo: Gary Gold)
Installation shot of Sharon Bates’s show “Exhibit B” at Opalka Gallery

Review by David Brickman
Photograph by Gary Gold

While group shows typically dominate the local landscape, especially at the highest-profile venues, we are currently blessed with three outstanding solo exhibitions that all recently opened in Albany, each by a seasoned veteran of the scene, and each representing a different major medium: Sculpture, photography and painting.

Sharon Bates, founding former director of the brilliantly established Albany International Airport Gallery, is a master of color and combination. Her sculptures (along with some prints, drawings and paintings) on view at Sage College of Albany’s Opalka Gallery occupy the ample space with wit and whimsy, but also with mystery and musing. The collection assembled there is deep and wide enough to get us inside Bates’s thought processes – which is a funky place to be. The show, titled “Exhibit B,” ends Saturday, October 13.

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