THEATER REVIEW: “Uncommon Women and Others” @ Sand Lake Center for the Arts [Berkshire on Stage]

Left to right: Josephine O’Connor, Rachel Leah Pearlman, Julie Nordwind Adler, and Michelle Ungerman Sanders. Seated: JJ Paul

Review by Barbara Waldinger
Photograph by Mark Baird

Wendy Wasserstein, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 55, wrote several plays about college-educated women of her generation who struggled to find their own identity in a male-dominated world. One would imagine, given the current socio-political atmosphere, that these works would be ripe for revival in 2018. Consequently, the Albany-based Callaloo Theater Company decided to mount Uncommon Women and Others, which grew out of Wasserstein’s graduate thesis at Yale School of Drama and was produced Off-Broadway in 1977. Unfortunately, the effort has not paid off.

Wasserstein was known for her quirky characters, snappy dialogue and comedic sense that served to leaven the plight of late twentieth-century women as they tried to navigate a path between independent careers and family life. Uncommon Women and Others follows eight students at Mount Holyoke College (Wasserstein’s alma mater) as they head towards graduation. The play is a series of self-contained scenes bookended by a reunion of five of the students at a restaurant.

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