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Rodney Alan Greenblatt: Joe and the Landfill @ BCB ART
Joe and the Landfill @ BCB ART, Hudson. Rodney Alan Greenblatt’s ongoing large scale sculpture was initially conceived and built in 1990 and exhibited widely in both the USA and Japan in the early 1990’s. Also on view will be works by gallery artists: Meg Atkinson, Marco Badot, Justin Baker, Richard Butler, Sasha Chermayeff, Cynthia Coulter, Frank Cresotti, Garth Evans, Richard Finkelstein, Jim Goss, Bill Griffith, Emily Gui, Ching Ho Cheng, John Foxx, Lynn Itzkowitz, Johnny Lieberman, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Lucio Pozzi ,Bill Seaman, Dan Welden and others. Opening reception: Saturday, December 1, 5-8pm. (Through December 31)

The 7th Annual Juried Group Show @ The Laffer Gallery
Upstate Artists: The 7th Annual Juried Group Show @ The Laffer Gallery, Schuylerville. A large group show featuring work by Anne Sutherland, Audrie Sturnman, Betty O’Brien, Chris DeMarco, Dan Greenfeld, David Painter, Deb Hall, Dorothy Englander, Fern Apfel, Ian Creitz, James Flosdorf, Janene Bouck, Judith Plotner, Karen Elem, Leslie Parke, Linde Caughey, Lori Lawrence, Patricia Collins, Randi Kish, Rob O’Neil, Robert Gullie, Robyn Morgan Giddings, Rusell Serrianne, Steve Rosenzweig, Susan Hoffer, Tom Crowell and Tracy Helgeson. Opening reception: Saturday, December 1, 5-8pm. (Through January 6)

Works by Paola Bari @ Queen City 15 Gallery
Lights Up! @ Queen City 15 Gallery, Poughkeepsie. The gallery’s grand opening group show features works by Anita Fina Kiewra, Capucine Bourcart,Carl Grauer, Carolyn Edlund, David Henningsen, Donna Blackwell, Gary Hoff, Joan Belmar, John Bartelstone, John E. Rozelle, Laura Martinez-Bianco, Nansi Lent, Paola Bari, Penny Dell, Sarah Heitmeyer, Suprina and William Noonan. Opening reception: Thursday, November 30, 5-9pm. (Through December 29)

Anna Farrington: Friends @ Installation Space
Winter Show and Sale @ Installation Space, North Adams. Works by Galen Cheney, Sara Farrell Okamura, Anna Farrington, Hideyo Okamura and Emilee Yawn. Opens Thursday, November 29. (Through December 22)

Takeyce WalterClement
Takeyce Walter: Moon Over Marsh @ Clement Art Gallery
5th Annual Winter Salon Small Works Show @ Clement Art Gallery, Troy. Works by Elizabeth Apgar-Smith, Robert Bootier, Tom Clement, Eden Compton, John Connors, Karen Cummings, George Dirolf, Jon Gernon, Mara Lehman, Susan Lunow, Willie Marlowe, Robert Moylan, Harry Orlyk, Susan Story, Len Tantillo, Shelly Valachovic, Gordana Vukovic, Takeyce Walter, Marlene Wiedenbaum, Kristin Woodward and others. Opening reception: Friday, November 30, 6-9pm. (Through December 31)

The 9th Annual Photobook Show @ Davis Orton Gallery
9th Annual Photobook Show @ Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson. A large group show of self-published photobooks, as well as the gallery’s first annual Books and Readers group show. Artists reception: Saturday, December 1, 1-3pm. (Through December 23)

Richard Beaven, Denise, 25 Years @ Art Omi
All of Us @ Art Omi, Ghent. A celebration of the 2018 Bicentennial of Ghent NY, this exhibition features a series of photographs of Ghent residents captured throughout 2018 by photographer Richard Beaven. Opens December 5. Opening celebration: Saturday, December 8, 5-7pm. (Through December 10)

En Masse 2018 @ Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham. A large salon-type group show featuring works by Nancy Andell, Fern Apfel, Mary Ashwood, Jim Bergesen, Marcel Bova, Undine Brod, Laura Cannamela, Steven Careau, Benigna Chilla, Frank Curran, Margot Curran, Mary Anne Davis, Dan Devine, Carol Diamond, Cathy Diamond, Tim Ebneth, Jean Feinberg, Leslie Gabosh, Rick Gedney, Barry Gerson, Gail Giles, Kate Hamilton, John Hampshire, Carter Hodgkin, Jim Holl, Katrina Hude, Licha Jiménez, Matson Jones, T. Klacsmann, Georgia Landman, Mark LaRiviere, Leah Lieber, Susan Mastrangelo, Gwenn Mayers, Josh McKeon, Kim McLean, Stanley Moon, Donna Moylan, Mark Olshansky, Dana Piazza, Isabel Piazza, Brian Pike, Matthew Pleva, Lily Prince, Catherine Ramey, Jannelle Roberts, Rich Robinson, Meredith Rosier, Margaret Saliske, Arlene Santana Thornton, Christie Scheele, Elliot Schneider, Scout, Gabrielle Senza, Carleen Sheehan, Jill Slaymaker, Ned Snider, D. Jack Solomon, George Spencer, Lawre Stone, Shawn Sullivan, Helen Suter, Beth Thielen, Tony Thompson, Josephine Turalba, Hazle Weatherfield, Gerald Wolfe, Joseph Yetto and Alice Zinnes. Artist reception: Saturday, December 1, 4-6pm. (Through December 24)

Last Chance to See

Pamela Cardwell: Untitled @ John Davis Gallery
Pamela Cardwell @ John Davis Gallery, Hudson. Abstract oil paintings by Pamela Cardwell. (Through December 2)


Francis Cape: Wait @ Massry Gallery
Francis Cape: Wait @ Massry Gallery
Sculptors Recollected @ Esther Massry Gallery, Albany. Works by Francis Cape, James Clark and Judy Pfaff. (Through December 8)

2018 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region @ University Art Museum, Albany. Among the longest-running regionals in the country, this exhibition focuses on contemporary artists living and working within a 100-mile radius of the Capital Region. Also on display: Flow: Alumni Artists from Mohawk Hudson Region Exhibitions 2009-2017, highlighting eleven alumni artists working in a range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, and video. (Through December 8)

Jenny Kemp: Rush @ Mandeville Gallery
Jenny Kemp: Rush @ Mandeville Gallery
Jenny Kemp: Slow Grow @ Mandeville Gallery, Schenectady. Organic, biomorphic abstract paintings by Jenny Kemp. (Through December 9)

Julia Scher:, I'll be Gentle (detail) @ The Center for Curatorial Studies
Julia Scher:, I’ll be Gentle (detail) @ The Center for Curatorial Studies
The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co. (1983-2004) @ The Center for Curatorial Studies, Annandale-on-Hudson. The first US exhibition to examine the shared histories, art and programming activities of Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co., Colin de Land Fine Art, with works by over 40 artists, including Roy Arden, Alex Bag, Art Club 2000, Lutz Bacher, Dennis Balk, Bernadette Corporation, J. St. Bernard, Tom Burr, Moyra Davey, Jimmy DeSana, Jessica Diamond, Stephan Dillemuth, Mark Dion, John Dogg, Andrea Fraser, Peter Fend, Renée Green, Pat de Groot, Mary Heilmann, Susan Hiller, Joan Jonas, John Knight, Jutta Koether, Silvia Kolbowski, John Miller, Simon Leung, Ana Mendieta, Marlene McCarty, Mariko Mori, Mark Morrisroe, Claire Pentecost with the Critical Art Ensemble, Christian Philipp-Müller, Kembra Pfahler, Jack Pierson, Julia Scher, Pieter Schoolwerth, Peter Schuyff, Jason Simon, Jessica Stockholder, Spencer Sweeney, Philip Taaffe, Tishan Hsu, Lincoln Tobier and John Waters and more. (Through December 14)


The 3rd Screenprint Biennial @ Opalka Gallery, Albany. An exhibition that seeks to showcase a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed, editioned prints to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera and posters. See the website for a variety of related events. (Through December 14)

Come to Your Senses @ MASS MoCA's Kidspace
A painting by Kaitlyn Mongeon @ MASS MoCA’s Kidspace
Come to your Senses @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Sally Taylor, daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon, curates this exhibit in MASS MoCA’s Kidspace gallery and art-making studio, which will include new music by both of her parents. A program of Taylor’s long-running Consenses project, the show asks visual artists, poets, dancers, musicians, perfumers, chefs and sculptors to use one another’s art as a catalyst to create their own work.

Peter Pincus, Pair of Calyx Krater Inspired Vases @ Ferrin Contemporary
Peter Pincus, Pair of Calyx Krater Inspired Vases @ Ferrin Contemporary
Peter Pincus: Channeling Josiah Wedgwood @ Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams. Ceramist Peter Pincus will debut a new collection of cast vases interpreting the historic Wedgwood Collection, providing a contemporary perspective on these historical works. (Through December 29)

RS113184 Jarvis Rockwell 7414 scr

Toys from Jarvis Rockwell’s collection @ MASS MoCA
Jarvis Rockwell: Us @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. A new large-scale installation in which figures from Rockwell’s massive collection of toys and figurines interact and organize themselves on glass panels, soaring over visitors’ heads in the historic light well of the newly renovated B6: Robert W. Wilson Building.

William B. Schade: Crocks @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
William B. Schade: Crocks @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
A Menagerie of Whimsey: The Art of William B. Schade @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. Works by Albany native William B. Schade including prints, sculptures, paintings and ceramics. Also on display: Birds & Beasts: The Scary, Magical, and Adorable Animals of the Albany Institute, an animal-inspired exhibition drawn from the Institute’s collection that explores animals as iconic elements of art and as cherished household members. (Through December 30)

Utamaro: Woman looking at her face in mirror @ The Hyde Collection
Ukiyo-e to Shin Hanga: Japanese Woodcuts from the Syracuse University Art Collection @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. An exhibition that chronicles the development of Japanese woodcuts during a key period in the nation’s history and highlights examples of their influence on modern Western artists. (Through December 30)

Allison Janae Hamilton: Pitch @ MASS MoCA
Allison Janae Hamilton: Pitch @ MASS MoCA
Pitch @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Allison Janae Hamilton’s photographs, videos, sculptures and installations feature environments familiar to the north Florida and Tennessee landscapes that are home to her family.

Jeronimo Elespe: Lure @ MASS MoCA
Jeronimo Elespe: Lure @ MASS MoCA
The Lure of the Dark @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Over a dozen contemporary artists, including Patrick Bermingham, William Binnie, Cynthia Daignault, TM Davy, Jeronimo Elespe, Cy Gavin, Shara Hughes, Josephine Halvorson, Sam McKinniss, Wilhelm Neusser, Dana Powell, Kenny Rivero and Alexandria Smith, illustrate the ways in which the hours of darkness continue to provoke the contemporary imagination.

Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA
Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA
Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Houston, TX-based artist Natasha Bowdoin builds wall-works with words. In her largest-ever cut paper and collage installation, she investigates the intersections of the visual, the experiential, and the literary, treating language and nature as kindred phenomena.

Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence @ MASS MoCA
Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence @ MASS MoCA
Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence (Why I am not a mere Christian) @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. In her first U.S. solo museum show, London-based painter Rachel Howard examines human cruelty; the work’s title references both C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and Bertrand Russell’s “Why I am not a Christian,” texts which argue respectively for and against adherence to Christianity.

Photographs by Scott Benedict @ Hudson Hall
Photographs by Scott Benedict @ Hudson Hall
KAHNSCIOUS – Photographing Architecture @ Hudson Hall, Hudson. Architect and photographer Scott Benedict takes viewers through a journey across twenty-six of the renowned architect Louis I. Kahn’s private and public creations. (Through January 2)

Tom Nelson: Catskill Ledge @ The Arts Center
Tom Nelson: Catskill Ledge @ The Arts Center
From NY to LA: Landscapes of the Hudson Valley and California Desert @ The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy. Landscape paintings and oil sketches by Tom Nelson comparing the Catskills and the Vasquez Rock formations east of Los Angeles, California. Artist’s talk: Friday, November 30, 6pm. (Through January 3)

Josh Simpson: Galactic Landscapes @ Berkshire Museum
Josh Simpson: Galactic Landscapes @ Berkshire Museum
Josh Simpson: Galactic Landscapes @ Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield. A solo show of woks in glass by Josh Simpson. (Through January 6)

Karl Wirsum: Parm S. Tree @ The Tang Teaching Museum
Karl Wirsum: Parm S. Tree @ The Tang Teaching Museum
3-D Doings: The Imagist Object in Chicago Art, 1964-1980 @ The Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs. The first exhibition devoted to the three-dimensional work of a group of Chicago artists collectively known as the Chicago Imagists. 3-D Doings Symposium: October 25-26, featuring public events with many of the artists in the show. (Through January 6)

Harry Orlyk: New Year's Day, in Late Day Light, 2018 @ Carrie Haddad Gallery
Harry Orlyk: New Year’s Day, in Late Day Light, 2018 @ Carrie Haddad Gallery
Landscapes: Capturing the View @ Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson. A group exhibit of noted local landscape artists: Tracy Helgeson, Sue Bryan, Susan Hope Fogel, Harry Orlyk, David Konigsberg, Eileen Murphy, Paul Chojnowski, Forrest Burch, John Kelly, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams and Betsy Weis. (Through January 6)

Tim Davis: Church of Thirst @ The Tang
Tim Davis: Church of Thirst @ The Tang
When We Are Dancing (I Get Ideas) @ The Tang, Saratoga Springs. A solo exhibition of Tim Davis’ recent work in video, sound, installation, photography and more, featuring more than 30 recent works that provide an in-depth look at the creative process of an artist, musician and writer whose visual art riffs heavily on his initial start as a poet. Also on display: Where and When I Enter, an exhibition that examines the social construction of whiteness, including how ethnic and racial groups have suffered political and economic disenfranchisement for being non-white. (Through January 6)

Betty Parsons: Maine II @ Art Omi
Betty Parsons: Maine II @ Art Omi
Betty Parsons: Blue sky very high @ Art Omi, Ghent. An exhibition of paintings and sculpture spanning over two decades by the artist and noted gallerist Betty Parsons. (Through January 6)

Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Nicholas Whitman’s 1988 documentary photographs of the abandoned Sprague Electric Company factory that would become the MASS MoCA campus.

The Clark

Alphonse de Neuville: Underwater Landscape of Crespo Island @ The Clark
Extreme Nature @ The Clark, Williamstown. An exhibition that explores how nature’s extremes – remote, fantastical and unpredictable – permeated artistic imagery throughout the nineteenth century. (Through February 3)

Works by Caren Canier @ Martinez Gallery
Our Earth, Our Bodies @ Martinez Gallery, Troy. An exhibition that explores the ways humans are linked to the natural environment featuring works by Caren Canier, Miguel Martinez-Riddle, Sara Guerric, Karen Greendale, Eduardo Abade and Emma Chan. (Through February 7)

Carrie Mae Weems: Lewitt’s Wall @ The School
Parking on Pavement @ The School, Kinderhook. A large group show that examines the paradoxes and schisms of contemporary life, featuring works by El Anatsui, Andrea Bowers, Yoan Capote, Derrick Alexis Coard, Charles Cohen, Elizabeth Crawford, Terry Evans, Till Freiwald, Kay Hassan, Magdalena Jetelova, Goshka Macuga, Kerry James Marshall, Stefana McClure, Donna Moylan, Adi Nes, Odili Donald Odita, Anila Quayyum Agha, Paul Anthony Smith, Michael Snow, Hank Willis Thomas, Padraig Timoney, Stephen Towns and Carrie Mae Weems. (Through March 2)

2018 Marcelene Mosca 2
Paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca @ Good Purpose Gallery
Two Perspective @ Good Purpose Gallery, Lee.Watercolors by Pat Hogan and oil paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca. (Through November 13)

landmark albanyairportgallery
(Top) Thomas Cole: View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm (detail) and (bottom) Lisa Sanditz: Fumigation Tents (detail) @ Albany International Airport Gallery
Landmark @ Albany International Airport Gallery, Albany. The gallery celebrates its 20th anniversary with this exhibition of visual artists and writers reflecting upon a changing American landscape. (Through March 25)

Gregory Manchess: Bears Appear @ Norman Rockwell Museum
Gregory Manchess: Above the Timberline @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. Working in the tradition of Frank E. Schoonover and the Golden Age masters, renowned illustrator Gregory Manchess has created a lavishly painted novel about the son of a famed polar explorer searching for his stranded father, and a lost city buried under snow in an alternate future. Artist talk and book signing: Sunday, November 18, 1pm. (Through February 24)

Frank E. Schoonover: Abe Catherson Pursues Masten Across the Desert @ Norman Rockwell Museum
Frank E. Schoonover: American Visions @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. An exhibition of artworks by the noted Golden Age illustrator, including paintings for such classic stories as Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, and Ivanhoe, as well as illustrations for the novels of Zane Grey. (Through May 27)

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