Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees Announced

Bryan Ferry
Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Roxy Music!

The 2019 inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have been announced, and, yes, first-time nominee Roxy Music made the cut.

Def Leppard and Stevie Nicks (as a solo artist) – both also on the ballot for the first time – will also be inducted, along with Janet Jackson and British bands Radiohead, The Cure and The Zombies.

Stevie Nicks was inducted into the Hall as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998. With her induction as a solo artist, she becomes the first female two-time inductee.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees are selected by more than 1,000 voters, including current living Inductees, historians and members of the music industry, as well as collective fan voting.

Nominees who didn’t garner enough votes to be inducted include Rage Against the Machine, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, MC5, LL Cool J, Devo, Kraftwerk and Todd Rundgren.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on Friday, March 29 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

  1. J Hunter says

    I’d change out Stevie Nicks for either the MC5 or Devo. Stevie has done enough as a solo artist to qualify, but she wasn’t nearly as influential as those bands were. No qualms about the rest of the picks, especially Roxy Music!!!

  2. Ernie Dambrose says

    I along with many others always wonder if it is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Pop Hall of Fame. Janet Jackson never had a song make the Rock music charts. Personally I never understood the hype over Radiohead either. Would have liked to see innovators Kraftwerk get recognized.

  3. Tom Lindsay says

    Viva Roxy Music! Viva Bryan Ferry! Nuff said.

  4. Rudy says

    Roxy Music!

  5. Matt says

    Janet Jackson is a pioneering pop star and I she think deserves to get in. The hall stopped being just classic “rock & roll” a long time ago. Also I love Kraftwerk and think they absolutely deserve to get in, but they’re also not “rock & roll”.

    Anyway, I’m also extremely happy Radiohead and The Cure made it, as they’re two of most innovative bands ever. I agree that I don’t think Stevie Nicks has had a distinguished enough solo career to get in over some of the other nominees (and the many deserving non-nominees). And Def Leopard…well to each their own. Bon Jovi got in so why not!

  6. steven shashok says

    The Zombies.

  7. Susan Brink says

    Yeah, but mostly, yawn.

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