ArtBeat: Katie DeGroot @ Galerie Gris, Hudson [Get Visual]

Blue Diva – watercolor on Arches paper 4’x3′

Review by David Brickman

Sometimes, when I am explaining my aversion to spending too much time on the internet, I will tell people “I’d rather just stare at a tree.” I wouldn’t know whether Fort Edward painter Katie DeGroot cares for the web or not – but she has me beat soundly on the second count.

DeGroot’s solo exhibition of prints and watercolors at Galerie Gris in Hudson is a delectation of trees: their branches and leaves, along with the other living things that thrive in their company, including lichens, mosses, fungi and ferns, are the stuff of her personal obsession.

DeGroot has spent many years now with her method of collecting intriguing fallen branches, or whole logs, and then lugging them to her studio, where she paints lovely, playful interpretations of their forms and colors on pure white grounds. This latest crop of paintings (all from the last nine months) is joined by a series of monoprints, aptly titled “Fall,” that depict gatherings of leaves.

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