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Jim Pond: Family in convertible somewhere in Texas @ The Hyde Collection
Jim Pond: Family in convertible somewhere in Texas @ The Hyde Collection
Colorama @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. An exhibition that examines the massive advertisements displayed in New York’s Grand Central Station, offering insight into America and the histories of advertising, photography and technology. Opens Saturday, January 12. (Through April 14)

Bill Sullivan: Weehawken, Milonga and Joseph E. Richards: DRH Johnson 16 @ Caffe Haddad Gallery
Bill Sullivan: Weehawken, Milonga and Joseph E. Richards: DRH Johnson 16 @ Caffe Haddad Gallery
Great Estates @ Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson. A two person show featuring paintings by Bill Sullivan (1942 – 2010) and Joseph E. Richards (1921 – 2007), juxtaposing Richard’s photorealistic depictions of steam locomotives and industrial machinery with the dramatically hued Hudson Valley and South American landscapes by Sullivan. Opening reception: Saturday January 12, 5-7pm. (Through February 24)

Tom Slaughter: Untitled (Blue Windows) @ MASS MoCA
Tom Slaughter: Icon Alphabet @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Tom Slaughter’s drawings, paintings and cut-paper illustrations examine objects and scenes from the artist’s life in New York and coastal Long Island. Opens Saturday, January 12.

Konyk Architecture, Remember Me: 15 Seconds of Forever @ Art Omi
Konyk Architecture, Remember Me: 15 Seconds of Forever @ Art Omi
EXIT Architecture: Speculations for the Hereafter and InConstruction @ Art Omi, Ghent. A speculative look at designing for the afterlife in all its potential architectural and design forms as well as new ways of marking our exit featuring contributions from AD-WO, Studio Ames, ANAH, BEAU Architects, Richard Ceccanti Aston, Bade Stageberg Cox, Roderick Cruz, JeongChoi Works, KONYK ARCHITECTURE, Giann Matias, Aleksandr Mergold, Michaela Metcalfe, Yongwoo Park, Jason Vigneri-Beane and Lebbeus Woods. Also on display: InConstruction: Hariri & Hariri that examines their modular, folding habitation pods. Opening reception: Saturday, January 12, 2-4pm. (Through February 10)

Rafa Esparza: Detail of New American Landscapes. Self Portrait: Catching Feelings (Ecstatic) @ MASS MoCA
Rafa Esparza: Staring at the Sun @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. A solo exhibition in which Rafe Esparza continues his investigation of the labor-intensive process of hand-making adobe bricks by creating a new space out of adobe, while also returning to his practice as a painter. Opens Saturday, January 19 with an in-gallery performance by the artist at 4pm.

The Sculpture of Larry Kagan @ Albany Institute of History and Art
Shape and Shadow: The Sculpture of Larry Kagan @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. A retrospective exhibition featuring 50 works from three distinctive phases of noted Troy sculptor Larry Kagan’s career: the 1970s cast acrylic sculptures that reflect and refract light; the found steel works from the 1980s and 90s that play with texture, pattern and shape; and more recently, the shadow pieces that rely on strategically positioned steel rods to sculpt light. Opens Saturday, January 19. (Through June 9)

Elihu Veddder: San Gimignano @ The Hyde Collection
Elihu Veddder: San Gimignano @ The Hyde Collection
From the Vault: Staff Selections @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. Paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture spanning five centuries chosen by Museum staff from its 4,000-work collection. Opens Sunday, January 20. (Through March 31)

Donna Fitzgerald: Hanoi @ Feigenbaum Center for the Arts
Donna Fitzgerald: Italy & Vietnam and Mark McCarty: Skin @ Feigenbaum Center For Visual Arts, Schenectady. Solo exhibitions by two noted Nippertown photographers. Artist talk and reception: Thursday, January 24, 3:30pm. (Through March 12)


Paintings by Katie DeGroot @ Galerie Gris
The Singular Elegance of Trees @ Galerie Gris, Hudson. New watercolor paintings by Katie DeGroot of tree branches thick with accretions of fungi, moss, and vine, their bark skin loose and peeling. (Through January 18)

The Members Show @ Albany Center Gallery
Members Show @ Albany Center Gallery, Albany. The galley’s annual members show is curated this year by Erik Laffer. (Through January 18)

Brian Rego: Oxford Square @ John Davis Gallery
Brian Rego: Tiny Mirrors @ John Davis Gallery, Hudson. Landscape paintings by Brian Rego. Also on display: sculpture by Bruce Gagnier in the sculpture garden. (Through January 27)

Friends of the Gallery @ Art Associates Gallery, Albany. The second installment of this exhibition celebrating the gallery’s relocation includes works by Rafael Arenos, “Just Deb” Carpenter, Peter Guest, Rit Lastarza, Michael Melnick, Dino Petrocelli Sr., Dino Petrocelli Jr., Mick Richards, Anthony Salamone, Susan Gill Spellmeyer, Charles Szuberia, Marianne Szuberia, Mary Pat Wager and William B. Westwood. Opening reception: (Through January 28)

Jeronimo Elespe: Lure @ MASS MoCA
Jeronimo Elespe: Lure @ MASS MoCA
The Lure of the Dark @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Over a dozen contemporary artists, including Patrick Bermingham, William Binnie, Cynthia Daignault, TM Davy, Jeronimo Elespe, Cy Gavin, Shara Hughes, Josephine Halvorson, Sam McKinniss, Wilhelm Neusser, Dana Powell, Kenny Rivero and Alexandria Smith, illustrate the ways in which the hours of darkness continue to provoke the contemporary imagination.

Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA
Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA
Natasha Bowdoin: Maneater @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Houston, TX-based artist Natasha Bowdoin builds wall-works with words. In her largest-ever cut paper and collage installation, she investigates the intersections of the visual, the experiential, and the literary, treating language and nature as kindred phenomena.

Alphonse de Neuville: Underwater Landscape of Crespo Island @ The Clark
Extreme Nature @ The Clark, Williamstown. An exhibition that explores how nature’s extremes – remote, fantastical and unpredictable – permeated artistic imagery throughout the nineteenth century. (Through February 3)

Works by John Clarke @ Sohn Fine Art
Works by John Clarke @ Sohn Fine Art
Lyrical @ Sohn Fine Art, Lenox. Recent mixed-media works by John Clarke. (Through February 3)

Works by Caren Canier @ Martinez Gallery
Our Earth, Our Bodies @ Martinez Gallery, Troy. An exhibition that explores the ways humans are linked to the natural environment featuring works by Caren Canier, Miguel Martinez-Riddle, Sara Guerric, Karen Greendale, Eduardo Abade and Emma Chan. (Through February 7)

Gregory Manchess: Bears Appear @ Norman Rockwell Museum
Gregory Manchess: Above the Timberline @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. Working in the tradition of Frank E. Schoonover and the Golden Age masters, renowned illustrator Gregory Manchess has created a lavishly painted novel about the son of a famed polar explorer searching for his stranded father, and a lost city buried under snow in an alternate future. Artist talk and book signing: Sunday, November 18, 1pm. (Through February 24)

Carrie Mae Weems: Lewitt’s Wall @ The School
Parking on Pavement @ The School, Kinderhook. A large group show that examines the paradoxes and schisms of contemporary life, featuring works by El Anatsui, Andrea Bowers, Yoan Capote, Derrick Alexis Coard, Charles Cohen, Elizabeth Crawford, Terry Evans, Till Freiwald, Kay Hassan, Magdalena Jetelova, Goshka Macuga, Kerry James Marshall, Stefana McClure, Donna Moylan, Adi Nes, Odili Donald Odita, Anila Quayyum Agha, Paul Anthony Smith, Michael Snow, Hank Willis Thomas, Padraig Timoney, Stephen Towns and Carrie Mae Weems. (Through March 2)

John Constable: The Wheat Field @ The Clark
Turner and Constable: The Inhabited Landscape @ The Clark, Williamstown. An exhibition of more than 50 oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints that explore the importance of the built environment and the human figure within the landscape by contemporaries Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) and John Constable (1776–1837), landscape painters who rose to prominence in early nineteenth–century England. (Through March 10)

Allison Janae Hamilton: Pitch @ MASS MoCA
Allison Janae Hamilton: Pitch @ MASS MoCA
Pitch @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Allison Janae Hamilton’s photographs, videos, sculptures and installations feature environments familiar to the north Florida and Tennessee landscapes that are home to her family. (Through March 10)

Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence @ MASS MoCA
Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence @ MASS MoCA
Rachel Howard: Paintings of Violence (Why I am not a mere Christian) @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. In her first U.S. solo museum show, London-based painter Rachel Howard examines human cruelty; the work’s title references both C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and Bertrand Russell’s “Why I am not a Christian,” texts which argue respectively for and against adherence to Christianity. (Through March 10)

Thomas Gainsborough: Landscape with Herdsman Driving Cows and Distant Buildings @ The Clark
Thomas Gainsborough @ The Clark, Mixed-media drawings by Thomas Gainsborough, an 18th-century artist more renowned for his portraiture. Williamstown. (Through March 17)

Paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca @ Good Purpose Gallery
Two Perspective @ Good Purpose Gallery, Lee.Watercolors by Pat Hogan and oil paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca. (Through November 13)

(Top) Thomas Cole: View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm (detail) and (bottom) Lisa Sanditz: Fumigation Tents (detail) @ Albany International Airport Gallery
Landmark @ Albany International Airport Gallery, Albany. The gallery celebrates its 20th anniversary with this exhibition of visual artists and writers reflecting upon a changing American landscape. (Through March 25)

Frank E. Schoonover: Abe Catherson Pursues Masten Across the Desert @ Norman Rockwell Museum
Frank E. Schoonover: American Visions @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. An exhibition of artworks by the noted Golden Age illustrator, including paintings for such classic stories as Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, and Ivanhoe, as well as illustrations for the novels of Zane Grey. (Through May 27)

Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Nicholas Whitman’s 1988 documentary photographs of the abandoned Sprague Electric Company factory that would become the MASS MoCA campus.

Come to Your Senses @ MASS MoCA's Kidspace
A painting by Kaitlyn Mongeon @ MASS MoCA’s Kidspace
Come to your Senses @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Sally Taylor, daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon, curates this exhibit in MASS MoCA’s Kidspace gallery and art-making studio, which will include new music by both of her parents. A program of Taylor’s long-running Consenses project, the show asks visual artists, poets, dancers, musicians, perfumers, chefs and sculptors to use one another’s art as a catalyst to create their own work.

Toys from Jarvis Rockwell’s collection @ MASS MoCA
Jarvis Rockwell: Us @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. A new large-scale installation in which figures from Rockwell’s massive collection of toys and figurines interact and organize themselves on glass panels, soaring over visitors’ heads in the historic light well of the newly renovated B6: Robert W. Wilson Building.

Four-Column Parlor Stove, John Morrison of the Green Island Stove Works @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
Four-Column Parlor Stove, John Morrison of the Green Island Stove Works @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
Heavy Metal: Cast Iron Stoves of the Capital Region @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. During the nineteenth century, Albany and Troy manufacturers were considered to be among the largest producers of cast-iron stoves in the world. This exhibition of 25 cast stoves from the Institute’s collection showcases these utilitarian objects as both works of art and technological innovations that made the home more comfortable as well as beautiful. (Through August 18)

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