Vintage Local 518 Music Television: “Real George’s Backroom”

If you wanna know about the Greater Nippertown music scene in the ’80s, the best place to start is with George Guarino’s half-hour public access music/video art television show, “Real George’s Backroom.” Finally after all these years, George has just begun posting some of the vintage episodes on YouTube, and we couldn’t be happier about it… Hopefully more are on the way.

Here are the 19 episodes that are available to watch so far…

Real George’s Backroom 1 (1981): Blotto, Gene Guarino interviews Sarge Blotto; comedian Bill Thomas; The Sharks at the Hulla-Baloo

Real George’s Backroom 2 (1981): Springfever at Hudson Valley Comm College with band interview

Real George’s Backroom 3 (1981): The Executives at JB Scott’s, The X-Istentials, Blotto, Fear of Strangers, Caps images

Real George’s Backroom 4 (March, 1982): The Morons live at Bogart’s and interviewed by Gene Guarino, Capitle live at Bogart’s, The X-Istentials video “Darkest Part of Me” with interview by Gene

Real George’s Backroom 7 (August, 1982): The AD’s live at Club 288, The Regulars at Duck Soup, Gene Guarino interviews Jim Furlong of The AD’s, Music by Sara Ayers’ aka/etc. over SUNYA outdoor concert footage

Real George’s Backroom 8 (July, 1982): Fear of Strangers “Volts” video by Gary Glinski, Rockin’ Dakotas and Fear of Strangers at the Bottle Bill Concert at EBA in Albany. Gene speaks with Steve Cohen of Fear of Strangers and Johnny Rabb and Eddie Angel of the Rockin’ Dakotas

Real George’s Backroom 10 (May, 1982): The Drongos at JB Scott’s and Classy Trash with an interview by Gene Guarino

Real George’s Backroom 11 (June 1982): Interstate, The Verge at the Chateau Lounge, Lark Beat Music, Gene Guarino speaks with Interstate and Ariel, Comedian Bill Thomas at Giggles in Akron, Ohio

Real George’s Backroom 14 (September, 1982): Fear of Strangers’ “Shopping for a Dog” video, Gang Green at the Chateau Lounge, interview with Vinnie Barbiglia of JB Scott’s by Gene Guarino, comedian Bill Thomas at Colonie Coliseum opening for Frankie Valli, The Works at Bogart’s and photos by Judy Seibert

Real George’s Backroom 17 (December, 1982): Gary U.S. Bonds at Proctors interviewed by Gene Guarino, French Letter, Exhellcats, The Dads dressing room acoustic, Video art, Bruce Hallenbeck reviews “Last American Virgin”

Real George’s Backroom 46 (September, 1985): Absolute Grey with interview by Michael Dygert, Henry Rollins at VFW Hall with interview by Michael Eck, Visible Twitch, and video art “See Monkey Do” Part 2 by Michael Dygert

Real George’s Backroom 50 (January 1986): The Langley Punks, The Autistics, Stukas over Bedrock, KTH

Real George’s Backroom 51 (February, 1986): The Langley Punks movie “Intestines from Space,” DOA, Minuteman, Bombshelter Video, Clyng-Onz

Real George’s Backroom 52 (March 1986): Pegasus fashion show at Le Fat Cat, Billy Bragg, Brian Brain at Club 288 live and interview by Michael Dygert, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force live and interview by Michael Dygert

Real George’s Backroom 63 (February, 1987): Con Demek live at 288, Leaving Trains with interview by Michael Eck, Firehose, DP & the Greys, Robyn Hitchcock, Raymond Chandler, Ken Screvin’s report on 288 Noise Nights

Real George’s Backroom 64 (March, 1987): QE2’s Char and Dave Shortsleeve interview by OurTownTV, Cacophonous Votive, Dead Milkman, Saccharine Trust, 3 Teens Kill 4, The Brigade

Real George’s Backroom 65 (April 1987): Terrance Simien & the Mallet Playboys live at Pauly’s Hotel, Kilimanjaro live at Pauly’s, Freedom of Expression live at Pauly’s, Stomplistics at Pauly’s, videos by Alarming Trends, Aztec Two Step and video Vibrations of Innerspace with music by ConDemeck

Real George’s Backroom 66 (May, 1987): 10,000 Maniacs live at Club 288, Michael Eck interviews Dennis Drew of 10,000 Maniacs, videos by Black Flag and Crumbsuckers

Real George’s Backroom 67 (June 1987): Sonic Youth live at QE2 and interviewed by Michael Eck, Holy Cow live at QE2 at Alternative Southfest 5-26-87, Blind Child Area live QE2, videos by Bad Brains and Scruffy the Cat

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    So many memories….priceless!!!

    Now can we have someone organize a 288 Lark reunion???

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