THEATER: To Have Faith Is to Have Wings [Berkshire on Stage]

By Patrick White, director of “Peter and the Starcatcher” at Siena College’s Beaudoin Theater

Peter Pan, I’ve come to appreciate during this rehearsal process, is probably the most fascinating character for me to look at from different points in my life. As a child with my absolute suspension of disbelief, I could fly away to a world of adventure, battling pirates with my lost boys of the Colonie. As an adult, I’ve heard of the syndrome named after him, realized his character in the Barrie play doesn’t have an emotional arc or really growth of any kind, seen how absolute faith has done irreparable harm in the world and just last week felt the name and idea of Neverland, his idyllic home island, being forever depreciated.

Working as a theater artist in the Capital Region has changed in my perceptions over the years as well. From being an embittered reject after 13 years striving in NYC to returning home to Albany in ’94 and being a community actor doing the most challenging work of my career on area volunteer stages in groundbreaking vital plays to being a fierce evangelist for the primacy, health and excellence of Capital Region theater through my teaching, directing, advocacy and most importantly, my attendance. I have been over the moon to be a colleague in this community for the past 25 years which has over 60 groups producing with thousands of participants. I am proud to offer Peter to an entertainment calendar which has over two dozen major theater productions in the area in the month of March alone.

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