Win FREE TICKETS to Experience Hendrix @ the Palace Theatre

Experience Hendrix – an all-star touring concert honoring the music of the guitar innovator Jimi Hendrix – is slated to make a landing at Albany’s Palace Theatre at 8pm on Wednesday, April 3.

The guitarathon will be led by Billy Cox of the Band of Gypsys and the Jimi Hendrix Experience with a mind-boggling array of six-string slingers that includes Joe Satriani, Dave Mustaine, Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Doug Pinnick, Mato Nanji and Taj Mahal. Also pumping up the festivities will be Chris Layton, Kenny Aronoff, the Slide Brothers, Henri Brown and Kevin McCormick.


Tickets are on sale now, priced at $43.75, $53.75, $74.75, $83.75 & $93.75.

BUT WAIT… Have we got a deal for you! We’re giving away a pair of FREE TICKETS for the concert to a lucky Nippertown reader! To enter the contest, just post a comment below about your fave guitar player. Please leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. The deadline to enter is 12:30pm on Tuesday (April 2), and the winner will be selected at random and notified on Tuesday afternoon. Enter today! And good luck!
Congratuations to the winner, who has been notified by email.

  1. steve nover says

    Jimi Hendrix, baby believe it, sent the world on fire

  2. John says

    Jack White

  3. Scott Ziegler says

    Joe Satriani- He makes his guitar come alive and can create sounds from it like no one has ever heard before! He is the guitar players guitar player!

  4. Greg says

    Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices. He plays a Les Paul Black Beauty. Check out Zeppelin Over China. Best album of 2019.

  5. dan stanton says

    Let’s go!

  6. Brian Wantuch says

    Old slow hand. Mr. Eric Clapton.

  7. Doug Wolfson says

    Stevie Ray Vaughn (RIP) is the best I’ve ever seen. Pete Townsend would be my runner up.

  8. Doug Wolfson says

    Of the newer, younger breed, Samantha Fish. Wish she would make a stop in the Cap Region

  9. Jon says

    Dominic Miller

  10. docfrenzy says

    So many styles, so many favorites… but someone I return to time and time again for his amazing range is Adrian Belew. From acoustic simplicity to non-guitar-like effects and pedals to wall-of-sound crunch, he can do it all !!

  11. Paul Kazee says

    Jimi. Incomparable.

  12. Ernie Dambrose says

    So many guitarists so many styles but overall my favorite is Bucky Pizzarelli. If you mean rock guitar Brian May

  13. robert says

    Dwezzil Zappa with a name like that what else was he gonna do but shut up and play his guitar

  14. mark emanatian says

    favorite guitar player is really hard…is it Robert Johnson…he sounds like two players at once…Eric Clapton…emotion and power…Robert Fripp…genius…

  15. Brian says

    Joe perry

  16. Justin says

    Jimmy herring. Fire.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Jason says

    Jimmy Page hands down!!! Hook a brother up!

  18. Mike Hotter says

    My Top 7:
    It’s always difficult to get over your first loves – still Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix as my top faves of all time – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eddie Van Halen impressed me the most, best live – Kenny Burrell and Les Paul for mid-jazz flavors – Sonny Sharrock forever my Guitar spirit totemic fire wilder.

  19. David says

    Me, of course. Jimi would be my runner-up when he was still alive.

  20. Mike h says

    Favorite to listen to, Jerry Garcia. 1st to make me fall in love with music, Jimmy Hendrix and Page. Could go on all night, so many great ones.

  21. Jim says

    Clapton is god

  22. MaryAnne O'Keefe says

    Jerry Garcia is among the best of the best! 🎸

  23. Brad Fahsel says

    Joe Satriani- I really liked to listen to Surfing with the Alien over

  24. Darren Cooper says

    Jimi Hendrix thanks

  25. Paula Bowen says

    Carlos Santana…

  26. Greg Willette says

    Emily Hastings, amazing precision!

  27. Kristin Browne says

    Jimmy Herring, baby!!!!!!! So many others. Such talent in the World!!!! If you don’t know who he is check him out. Plus he’s the nicest gentleman in the room. I always dig that!

  28. Stephen says

    Dave Mustaine glad he is on this tour

  29. Bradley Green says

    Stevie Ray Vaughn!! Just an amazing player and singer.

  30. C says

    Jimmy Hendricks or Party Shirt

  31. Michael Cain says

    Wow ! What a line up of great guitarists. Really would love to see all the jam to Hendrix.

  32. Jay says


  33. Marc says

    Trey Anastasio! He can rip it Jimi-style, taboot.

  34. Tim says

    My favorite and the best I’ve ever seen live was Stevie Ray Vaughan!

  35. Arthur Flynn says

    Looks like a great concert! Go Nippertown

  36. Jim Sano says

    Best guitar player I ever saw perform is Jimi Hendrix. He had to wait to play until Monday morning but it was worth it! Yes I’m talking the real Woodstock not the fake ones! He tried Sunday night twice but the rain kept shorting out everything! I was 12 but never forgot how great he was! Cried like a baby when he passed the day before my 14 Birthday! Kiki is still my favorite❤️

  37. John McCullough says

    Gary Moore

  38. kirk meuselbach says

    So many to choose from..Beck, Zappa, Hendrix, Clapton SRV

  39. Steve B says

    Billy Strings….. New fav
    Michael Hedges all time fav

  40. Michael Shavet says

    Greg Ginn- Black Flag

  41. Daniel Ziemann says

    Eddie Hazel- P-funk- long live the funk…

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