Thank you!

Thank you for 9 years, 10 months and 15 days of sharing and highlighting the arts of greater Nippertown.

Thank you to all our readers, contributors and advertisers.

See you down the line, or over the rainbow.

  1. Andy Hapeman says

    So sorry for your loss! I will miss Greg’s musical input and I will miss Nippertown. A huge loss to the Capital District!

  2. Mike says

    Ugh…what horrible news to come across. Heartfelt sympathy for you, Sara, and for all his friends and family.

    Monumental loss to the Capital District arts scene. He will be remembered, respected, and missed for a long, long time.

  3. Frank Novko says

    my condolences, as many have stated Greg is missed already, his support and reviews of local art, and artisans never faltering. I had the pleasure of talking with him a few times, and will always appreciate his insight and wisdom he freely shared.

  4. jon e says

    Sara – all of us here at the Music Hall feel a deep sense of loss. We will miss him so much. Our thoughts are with you.

  5. Maria Sohn says

    My sincere condolences to Sara and family. The loss of Greg is heartbreaking.

  6. Alan Gold says

    The news was all at once so sudden and saddening. I recall first meeting Greg when he was a clerk at Just a Song in the late 70’s, and distinctly remember his spikey brown hair. Right around that same time, I saw him play with Blotto at JB’s. We didn’t actually get to know one another for many years after that though. Being a fixture on the local club scene as he was, we would chat about music and such. Then with Nippertown, it was a pleasure to occasionally send reviews, but more often photos from shows. Not being the best writer, Greg helped encourage me and even tweaked my writings a bit. He definitely left his mark on our local arts scene. My condolences go out to his closest loved ones. Rest well, Sarge.

  7. wanda callagy says

    Again, so sorry, Sara and family. Wishing you wonderful memories and peace.

  8. Glenn Weiser says

    It was a joy and a privilege to be a contributor to Nippertown. Rest easy, Greg. Sorry to see you and all the goodness you brought with you go. Peace.

  9. Don Dworkin says

    Hi Sara: Though we’ve never really talked, i just want to personally express my condolences to you. Greg was a an old friend and we shared some very special close times, extraordinary growth experiences and a lot of laughs together from the age of 15, through college as room and bandmates, in theatrical productions and in the early exciting years of the Star Spangled Washboard Band. If he hadn’t asked me to sub on kazoo in the Zing Kings Jug Band in 10th grade, i believe i would not have become a professional musician and music promoter. He was the cool guy, and I was a nerd, but he saw something i guess. His unfailing generosity in supporting my local promoting gave the seal of approval that often meant the difference between success and failure, and we enjoyed our meetings when he came for reviews, if i wasn’t gigging. From all the outpouring of appreciation and affection in the last week, you know how the world thought of him, and i hope that helps the pain a little. I just wanted to personally share these thoughts, as he was a vitally important part of the formative years of my life, so im sending my love, hugs and thanks to the person who made him the happiest. He eternally lives on in all who knew and loved him.

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