Transcending History Class: Walking Tours New “Summer School”

If history class bored you, the Schenectady County Historical Society has a new way to engage your imagination and capture your heart for American history. Offering walking tours on different themes throughout the summer, the society takes inquisitive minds into the historic homes in the stockade to highlight the role of Schenectady during the American Revolution.

From the Stockade massacre to the farmlands by the Mohawk, a great deal of history occurred throughout the city and surrounding areas. Much of upstate New York was home to a Dutch colony, and as the website promises, there is much of history “hidden in plain sight.”

Take the challenge of walking tours of the stockade. Or explore the Underground Railroad and post Civil War black history. The society illuminates the sometimes scandalous and often curious twists and turns history took through Schenectady’s very streets and buildings.

And to celebrate the musical Hamilton at Proctor’s this summer, there is also a Hamilton walking tour that notes when the statesman visited Schenectady, important social ties, and of course how the American Revolution manifested itself in this tiny city.

Wear your comfortable shoes and bring your questions! The walking tours range in price from $10-$20, with special rates for members. Check out their website for a complete menu of the tours.  You might just discover you like history more when you get to live it!

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