Ozmosys shows that Jazz-Rock Fusion still flies at The Falcon

Jazz-rock fusion still lives. The husband-wife team of Omar Hakim and Rachel Z has a new project. The band Ozmosys is a quartet consisting of Omar Hakim (drums), Rachel Z (keyboard), Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar) and Paris-based Mauritius, born Linley Marthe (bass). All have strong backgrounds as studio musicians and playing alongside many rock and pop stars. The virtuosity and adaptability make for interesting and compelling music.

Omar Hakim’s strong jazz funk seems to always be in the pocket beat and provides a solid foundation for the rest of the band. Rachel Z accompanied with a strong sense of passion, dynamics, and color on keys. Kurt Rosenwinkel’s guitar has an intense, melodic component. While, Linley Marthe’s bass was wherever it was needed to be whether anchoring a song, repeating a riff or providing harmony.  The music had a lot of emotional content, making an argument contrary to the general criticisms of this genre by traditional jazz critics and rock critics alike.

The setlist included following Rachel Z compositions: “Uh oh”, “Sensual”, “Humor and Nudity”, and “Liteness”. Omar Hakim’s song was “Arms of Dyhan”. Victor Bailey Song was “Sweet Tooth”. The encore was Rachel Z’s arrangement of Foo Fighters “These Days”.

Ozmosys recently recorded an album that is slated entitled Eyes to the Future, named after a phrase Hakim’s mother-in-law used when she learned of Omar Hakim and Rachel Z’s engagement.

This was the opening performance for the band as they continue to tour the East Coast this month and will embark on a European tour afterward. They are scheduled to play the London Jazz Festival in November. So, if you have the chance, this is an act that is certainly worth seeing.

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