Turbans Rocking Music Haven: Crossing Boundaries and Healing Divisions

Music Haven is bringing London based legends The Turbans to Schenectady on Wednesday, July 17th at 7 pm.

The group is known for its high energy, full-blown “jamboree” style music with a goal of binding music together from across borders. Unexpectedly fusing a middle eastern sound with rock, The Turbans proudly boasts on their website that audience members will enjoy a night of smiles, dancing, and pure joy.

Music Haven is celebrating 30 years of international music in Schenectady’s Central Park, and the Turbans is part of an invigorating line up of musicians whose political messages are about healing divisions.

At a time in history when it appears the politics of our country couldn’t be more divided, it’s hard to imagine a band
comprised of members from across Europe and the Levant as not being
inherently progressive. But sharing a political message was not
the group’s initial impulse. Their talented members wanted to create music.

And as often does in music, friendship was the other inspiration for continued efforts.

Guitarist Oshan Mahony met violinist Darius Luke Thompson in
Kathmandu. The half-Iranian, half-British nomads immediately hit it
off, and began busking throughout India, picking up musicians with
roots in Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece, Spain and England
along their journey.

Seven years later, the self-titled debut The Turbans delivered to
global audiences the same high-energy blend of Balkan, klezmer, Gypsy
and sundry other styles they’d been bringing to venues around the
world for years—including India, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and all
throughout Europe and North America.

The band is intent on letting the members’ personalities and skills
carry their message forward. And the band denies any meaning behind the band’s name, noting it might be because a member wore a turban while bicycling. However, band members admit any meaning would be assigned in hindsight.

England’s Songlines says, “The Turbans are a stomping ensemble that
sounds like Eastern Europe swinging the Middle East around by the arm
in the middle of a raucous party.”

As the band says, “We’ve created The Turbans, now all you have to do is dance.”

Mike’s Hotdogs will be on hand with a selection of classic picnic
offerings. Ben & Jerry’s will also scoop premium ice cream at each

The international food feature for The Turbans will be falafel, a
deep-fried Middle Eastern patty of spiced mashed chickpeas served
with salad and a drizzle of sesame tahini in pita bread.

Wine and local craft beverages from Wolf Hollow Brewing Company and
Nine Pin Cider will also be available.

In the case of inclement weather, Proctors remains the official rain
site for The Music Haven Concert Series.

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