Opalka to host Barzelay July 29th

Sage College’s exhibition facility, Opalka, will be is host acclaimed singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide for an intimate concert on July 29.

Eef Barzelay is the frontman for the band Clem Snide, whose song “Moment in the Sun” was chosen as the theme song for the popular early 2000s
show, “Ed.” Stephen Thompson, of  NPR Music, proclaimed Clem Snide one of his “favorite bands of all time.”

Barzelay and his former band Clem Snide have managed to stay mostly below the radar for well over a decade. After a brief flirtation with Seymor Stein’s Sire label, they emerged in the late nineties music scene with “Your Favorite Music”: a slow-paced and spare offering that mixed elemental forms of American music with a sonic palette of distressed cello, unexpected samples, and Eef Barzelay’s cracked voice singing left-of-center verses.

Scott Avett, of The Avett Brothers, is a fan, saying about Eef
Barzelay’s songwriting, “I would listen to a song and I would love it
so much and on top of that, I would react to it and find myself

Doors open at 7, with music starting at 8 pm. Tickets should be purchased in advance. For tickets, click here.

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