LIVE: Buika @ SPAC on Stage, 6/19/2019

(Concha) Buika is a Spanish singer, nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2008; but in the ‘now’ she is tied to Carlos Santana’s newest “Africa Speaks” album- one of his very best since the old days (Abraxus). She has either written or collaborated on most of that album, but her distinctive voice is in the fore-front of all of it, that is, all the songs! 

On June 19th, 2019, she launched the ‘SPAC on Stage’ 2019 debut concert-series. Under the spotlight she captivated the audience with her all-woman band: Nicole Glover (tenor sax), Yoonmi Chop (piano), Patricia Rogers (bass) and Camellia Kaies, (drums).

The music; her songs; and her vocals, were all her thing besides a nod or two to her collaboration with Carlos Santana on his album. It may have been warm and a little muggy that lovely night at SPAC, but the full-house audience didn’t mind because Buika was in the house and it was all passionately good!

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