LIVE: Brad Paisley Brings Country Energy to SPAC 7/25/2019

Brad Paisley came to Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Thursday, July 25th, to a lighter turn out than earlier concerts this summer.  And while Paisley is a great guitarist, what really stood out from the concert was his charisma with the crowd. From face-timing an audience member while on stage to running through the crowd to meet fans, Paisley demonstrated an “every man” energy that has won him fans.

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

The West Virginia native strode out on stage with his curved cowboy hat and boots to the cheering crowd. Known for his guitar playing, Paisley came out with the guitar slung over his shoulder, and he didn’t disappoint. He’s trained in banjo, guitar, and mandolin, and the training showed off as he picked and strummed his way through “Beat this Summer” and “Ticks.”

Paisley’s songs are standard country fare. With songs about pick up trucks and beer, Paisley knows his audience and writes to their similar interests.  Fans appreciate his honest, down home energy and smile. He’s also very kind to audience members, often giving away a guitar at each show (as he did again in Saratoga Thursday night).

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

Crowd favorites included “Old Alabama,” which fans sang along to like a loved campfire song, and “Mud on My Tires,” Paisley’s homage to his new truck.  Paisley’s songs are uplifting in message, enjoying the every day experience and events of being a southerner.

His encore, “Alcohol,” was a great way to end the night.  Slower paced and wrapping the concert up from an upbeat party, Paisley’s message was to relax and celebrate the evening as fans walked toward the gates.

Paisley may not be as big a name as Luke Bryant or Jason Aldean, but he translates the country experience perfectly. Two years ago, Paisley opened at SPAC and Thursday’s show was significantly improved. Now the headliner, Paisley has become a standard in the country scene.

Photo Gallery by Dakota Gilbert

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