Local Spotlight: Zan & the Winter Folk

Zan Strumfeld’s voice holds a note of melancholy as she weaves her spell on Zan & the Winter Folk‘s new album, How To Be Alone. The band, an eclectic mix of performers from various backgrounds, creates, “anthems for the revivalists, lullabies for the lonely, ballads for the hopeful”. This simple four-track album encapsulates the raw feelings of loneliness and hope beautifully. Each track is reminiscent of winding roads and solitary drives on chilly autumnal nights. The gentle strumming of the banjo and guitar provides a comforting backdrop for Zan’s voice. 

Zan & the Winter Folk formed in 2017. Since then, the band has found success in the Capital Region. The Alt named them “2018’s Best Folk Band”, and in 2019 they were nominated for “Folk Artist of the Year” at the Capital Region Eddie Awards. The accolades are certainly warranted. How To Be Alone displays all the talents of an accomplished group of performers and the lyrical prowess of their song-writer. 

To support the Troy-based band, Zan & The Winter Folk, you can purchase and download their music on their Bandcamp page or follow them on Facebook to find out more about upcoming shows. 

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