LIVE: Stick Men @ The Linda 8/10/2019

Power-trio Stick Men made The Linda the last stop on their whirlwind tour of the northeast. As drummer, Pat Mastelotto, and bass/Chapman player, Tony Levin, are the part of the rhythm section of the eight-man King Crimson (now celebrating its 50th anniversary) much of the music played was King Crimson with other music composed by the other band members. There was even a spontaneous cover of Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” featuring Syracuse musician Ian Catell Brett Floyd. Instantly recognizable Red, Lark’s Tongue and Aspic Parts 2 and 5 were played along with originals.   The full house certainly not disappointed with the use of polyrhythms, unorthodox time signatures and complex grooves. Touch guitarist/composer Markus Reuter impressed not only with his technique but also with his compositions.

The evening opener was composer/ guitarist Tim Motzer opening with ambient acoustic guitar music that used electronics and sound loops to create soothing atmospheric music in contrast to the dynamic powerful music that followed.

Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto will be playing again in the area with King Crimson alumni Adrian Belew at The Colony in Woodstock on Friday, August 16, before they embark on the 50th anniversary King Crimson tour of North and South America.

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