Haunted History – A Paranormal Experience at Cohoes Music Hall Friday, September 6

Is Cohoes Music Hall haunted? The Northern New York Paranormal Research Society plans to investigate, and invites the community along for their assessment!

Experience the history and hauntings of Cohoes Music Hall at the venue’s first ever series of paranormal events. Since it’s reopening in 1974, the Music Hall has been shrouded in stories and legends of supernatural activity that have captivated the curiosity of staff and patrons alike. The evening of up close investigation allows the audience to explore the Hall’s many spaces and secrets guided by the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (NNYPRS).

Founded in 2001, NNYPRS is the 2nd oldest continuously operated paranormal research team in NY State. NNYPRS primarily uses scientific tools and techniques to investigate reports of hauntings. They seek to debunk claims with natural explanations before turning to supernatural justifications. Their motto is Seek Truth!

The evening will include light refreshments, an exclusive backstage tour of the Music Hall, guided investigations in three areas, and a group recap.

Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended. Doors open at 7:30.

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