Chris’s Short Take: Oscar’s Smokehouse

As a born and raised Adirondacker, take it from me, there isn’t another place in the Adirondacks where culture and cuisine collide like this place. I’ve been going there for decades for their bacon, cheese, sausages, cold cuts, steaks, pork, you name it, they’ve got it. And believe me folks… you want it.

Oscar’s before the fire in 2009

Back in 1946, Oscar and Edith Quintal opened the original shop in Warrensburg. Two fires moved and improved the business over the years until it took its present form, a 9000 sq. foot, geothermally powered store and shipment facility.

From the first minute you walk in, it’s smoky seduction. Some people go right to the jerky cupboard first thing when they arrive. They don’t stand a chance. They’ll disappear behind a counter full of jerky, sausage, smoked fish, and STEAKS. Steaks that deserve their own zip code.

Even the cold cuts are made in house. They have also come up with a good variety of condiments well worth consideration.

Lunch: Grab a pair of Landjaeger sausages, a chunk of the “counter cheese, and a loaf of Rock Hill bread on the way out the door, and head to the Canoe site on Cronin Road. (Ask the guys behind the counter for directions, they’ll help you out!)

Dinner: The marinated skirt steak,…or smoked pork chops,… or a perfect rib eye. There are no bad choices here, enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget the bacon for breakfast!

Oscar’s Smokehouse
22 Raymond Lane
Warrensburg, NY 12885
Open 7 days a week 7 AM – 6 PM

  1. Diane Amyot says

    I grew up spending summers at Loon Lake north of Warrensburg. At least two or three times a month we would head to Oscar’s to stock up on Smoked cheese, bacon, pork chops and their delicious spreadable cheese with bacon, horseradish, or extra cheddar. My mouth waters at the thought of those delicacies and I still make an annual drive there to replenish my supply. Thank you Chris for giving me such warm memories of such a special place.

  2. Chris says

    Glad you have such memories of the place! It’s special to many who have spent time up North!

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