Goat Yoga at June Farms

If you haven’t heard or been to June Farms out in West Sand Lake yet, put it at the top of your bucket list and go immediately. June Farms stands out among any other farms you might have been to. Their resume is quite impressive for still being a somewhat new establishment. Founded in 2017, June Farms is a restaurant/bar, wedding venue and cabin rental site all rolled into one. Driving up to June Farms is like something out of a movie. A long dirt road, rolling green hills, and the classic red barn with roaming chickens. Their calendar is full of events such as cabin tours, paint & sips, family nights, rotating guest chefs and goat yoga plus so much more. 

June Farms partners with The Hot Yoga Spot for a weekly, hour-long, beginner yoga session with goats.  The instructor greets you in the parking lot and guides the yoga guests on a scenic, 10-minute walk to the goat pen. Closed shoes or sneakers are recommended. It’s a beautiful walk as you explore the grounds of the farm, passing animals, a creek and an abundance of wildflowers. It gives the perfect definition to the term, golden hour as the summer sun and shadows dance above the fields. 

As you approach the pen, the pygmy goats eagerly race to meet you. There are a few minutes of chaos as you try to lay down your mat, pet the goats and take pictures. Our instructor Alyssa, was a warm and friendly teacher, who was understanding that this activity was more about the goats than yoga. She encouraged everyone to play with the goats and have fun, not stressing strict poses or a quiet atmosphere. The hour of yoga was a gentle flow for beginners with a consistent reminder to always be breathing. As we went about our stretches, the goats took turns chewing on yoga mats, purses, shoes, and anything else people brought with them. Maybe don’t bring your expensive yoga gear or personal items to this event. 

At the end of the class, Alyssa had us do some group reflection on what to take away from today’s experience. We listed characteristics of the goats such as carefree, outgoing, persistent and curious. The homework assignment was to be mindful of these attributes and to do our best to incorporate them into our daily lives. Remembering that (goat) s**t might happen and to surrender to the flow. 

It’s no surprise that goat yoga definitely works up an appetite. Luckily with each session, comes a ticket for 1 meal (3 tacos or a personal pizza) and 1 drink (beer, wine or soda). The barn houses a wide array of textured furniture with grand fireplace and intricate branch chandelier. The outdoor patio is a gorgeous oasis of tall greenery, stringed lights, and intimate sitting areas. Their menu is accommodating with options for meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks. The brick oven pizza was crispy, highlighting the fact that simple, local ingredients make a flavorful impact. The sweet potato tacos were filling and had a delightful spice. 

June Farms is consistently updating their Facebook and Instagram with events and menu specials. Be sure to follow them on social media for your next local farm night out. 

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