Get Visual: Pulse at Carrie Haddad Gallery

An outstanding show of abstract art is currently on view at Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, but you’ll need to get there soon, as it closes on Sept. 15. Pulse: Color & Form in a Visual Rhythm features the paintings of Jeanette Fintz, Jenny Kemp, and Ginny Fox, and the sculptures of Dai Ban. The four artists works are successfully mixed in the installation, but the gallery’s several rooms also provide areas that focus on each artist individually, a best-of-both-worlds scenario.

Pulse artists include, from left, Jeanette Fintz, Dai Ban, and Ginny Fox
photo provided by gallery

I was already familiar with two of the artists (Fintz and Kemp), but the bodies of work presented here were mostly new to me so, along with the discovery of Ban and Fox, the show felt very fresh. Fintz is given pride of place among the selection, with her latest large-scale paintings displayed in the big front room of the gallery – and, frankly, they deserve it. Blending tight, mathematically precise forms with free, liquid washes, in a scaled-down desert palette, Fintz’s layered images are both striking and subtle. They draw from the impact of form and size, but also from the lasting power of complexity. Truly great stuff.

Dai Ban – If You Touch Me, I Will Push You to the End
precision board, lacquer paint

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