SEPTEMBER 14: The Daily Flashback

1741: George Handel completed “Messiah” in time for an orphan’s charity concert.
1866: George K. Anderson patented the typewriter ribbon.
1899: In New York City, Henry Bliss became the first automobile fatality.
1901: U.S. President William McKinley died of gunshot wounds inflicted by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.
1940: The Selective Service Act was passed by the U.S. Congress providing the first peacetime draft in the United States.
1955: In New Orleans, Little Richard recorded “Tutti Frutti” for Specialty Records.
1959: Luna II, a Soviet space probe, became the first man-made object on the moon when it crashed on the surface.
1965: “My Mother the Car” premiered on NBC-TV.

1968: “The Archies” premiered on CBS-TV.
1969: In Surrey, England, Genesis played their first gig for money at a cottage owned by Peter Gabriel’s Sunday school teacher.
1972: “The Waltons” premiered on CBS-TV.
1975: Pope Paul VI declared Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton the first U.S.-born saint.
1978: “Mork & Mindy” premiered on ABC-TV.
1984: The MTV Awards were held for the first time. Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd co-hosted the show.
1985: “The Golden Girls” debuted on NBC-TV.
1987: “American Bandstand” became the longest-running entertainment show in America.
1998: “Total Request Live,” a countdown of the Top 10 fan-requested music videos, debuted on MTV, hosted by Carson Daly.
1999: Due to Hurricane Floyd, Disney World closed down for the first time in its 28-year history.
2002: After dating for seven years, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Gavin Rossdale of Bush were married at St. Paul’s Covent Garden in London.

1914: Mae Axton
1918: Cachao
1944: Joey Heatherton
1947: John “Bowser” Bauman
1949: Fred “Sonic” Smith
1950: Paul Kossoff
1954: Barry Cowsill
1955: Steve Berlin
1973: Nas
1983: Amy Winehouse

1989: Perez Prado
1998: Johnny Adams

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