Girl Blue Delights at Argyle Brewing Company in Cambridge, NY

Beneath the arched wooden ceiling of the old train depot in Cambridge, NY, Girl Blue, accompanied by Jimi Woodul (on cajon) and Ben Woodul (on bass), offered an intimate performance to an attentive and sold-out crowd at Argyle Brewing Company on Sunday, September 15. The architecture of the venue provided the perfect backdrop for the emotive performance, providing exquisite acoustics and a warm ambiance for the audience to imbibe the raw emotions and stories set to song while simultaneously enjoying a few locally produced brews. 

There are few people who are borne into this world with such a concise knowledge of their gift; Girl Blue is surely on the list. Her compositions meld strong and poetic lyrics together with complex vocals that vacillate from controlled and soft, bordering on saccharine to powerful and raw with emotion. The result is a musical experience that becomes palpable and almost transcendental. The setlist was varied and well thought-out, focusing on original songs while also incorporating a few covers. As she performed her song “Drunk”, the audience was encouraged to sing along, reluctant at first, (perhaps not wanting to sacrifice one’s auditory enjoyment by joining in) after several rounds of the chorus, many in the audience obliged and acquiesced by singing along. Before a brief intermission, Girl Blue covered a well-known 80’s anthem, Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, quickly inspiring a dance party at the back of the house. 

After the intermission, the trio resumed their set before Girl Blue claimed the solo stage by singing “Eyes on the Horizon” to round out the evening. The performance concluded with an energized and awestruck audience that took to their feet in applause and appreciation for the experience they had just been gifted.

Argyle Brewing Company in Cambridge, NY, will continue to host live music through the fall. Upcoming Events can be viewed here:

As for Girl Blue, she will be joined by Dark Honey and The Sea The Sea for a limited release, collaborative project including original songs, dance, and video entitled “Dark Blue Sea”, which opens at Proctor’s Theatre on October 3rd. For more information on upcoming concert dates click here:

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