Climate Change Protest Marches on State Capitol

Audrea Din, a recent Schalmont High School graduate, and UAlbany student lead a protest and march culminating in a rally at 1 PM in West Capitol Park as Albany joined sites all over the world to protest governmental inaction on Climate change. 

Young and old alike joined in chants and songs as multiple student speakers took the podium in front of an estimated crowd of 1000 to 1500.

One of the speakers identified as Sophie from Averill Park High School and the financial director of the New York State Climate Board said if there was one message she’d like to see adults take from the rally it was, “Please listen! There’s no in-between, there’s no “I support you but I won’t take action.”  A student from South America here on an exchange student program said, “My backyard is on fire fueled by everyone’s oxygen here!”

Midway through the rally, a “Die-in” was staged, a five-minute respite when participants laid down as though they were dead to bring home the severity of their cause.

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