LIVE: Lucinda Williams @ Troy Music Hall, 9/18/2019

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since Lucinda Williams released her career-defining Grammy award-winning Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. The project’s emotional and geographic journey of anguish, pain, sustained and dissolved relationships set in the South was a landmark in the Americana genre. A mixture of blues, country, rock, and regional styles.

The legendary recording was presented in its entirety complete with a video montage of photos illustrating the songs, song lyrics, Lucinda’s childhood and career that better illustrate the songs. Lucinda spoke in between the songs, giving the audience better insight into their background and inspiration.

  • Car Wheels On A Gravel Road; Title song written in the 3rd person. Actually probably subconsciously inspired by Lucinda’s childhood. Her father was a visiting English professor who taught in many schools in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Utah. She mentioned that the photoshoot was difficult as it was hard to find a gravel road in the location they were shooting.
  • 2 Kool 2 Be 4Gotten; Inspired by a photograph of the phrase scribbled on the bathroom of a juke joint wall.
  • Drunken Angel; A song dedicated to self-destructive writers and artists.
  • Metal Firecracker; A remembrance of an “on the road” love affair (Metal Firecracker was the nickname of the tour bus).

The encore set consisted of 4 songs from other parts of Lucinda’s career.  The last 3 songs were rockers ending with a version of “Foolishness” updated to reflect the current political climate. This gave her band Buick 6 the opportunity to strut their stuff.

There it was, Lucinda Williams, then and now, presented onstage in concert. She said one of these days it will all be in a book.

  1. Gary Wade says

    The vocals were too loud for the hall. Too loud for the band. The poor bass player looks sick as a dog and I don’t hold anything against him. The show was so slow. We could barely understand a word Lucinda said between songs. Plus it was so hot in there! What’s up with that they can’t open a window!?

  2. Rudy says

    The hall is not air conditioned to preserve the acoustics. Simple laws of physics note that heat rises and concrete is a heat sink. It was a relatively warm day and packed house. I don’t believe there are windows on that floor. It should be noted the hall closes during the summer months for this reason. I cannot speak to the acoustics, but the hall is generally used with less amplified acts, so it could be a challenge to an engineer to get it right.

  3. Daniel G. Piazza says

    I was in the balcony and I thought the sound was great, Lucinda’s voice resonated throughout the hall even into the mens room. I thought it was fantastic and quite comfortable and Buick 6 rocks!

  4. Jack says

    I could hear just fine from 3 rows back. This was my 6th show. Lucinda is a master at what she does

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