Three Dog Night a Treat at the Egg

Three Dog Night performed down town at The Egg on Saturday evening, September 21, 2019, and gave all the people a wonderful treat.

This very successful venerable band of Michael Allsup (guitar), Pat Bautz (drummer), Danny Hutton (vocals), Paul Kingery (bass/vocals), Howard Laravea (keyboard) and David Morgan (vocals) pulled out all the stops for a show that lasted an hour and twenty minutes. The theatre was full and audience participation high.

Three Dog Night
Three Dog Night from Hart Theatre Performance 2013

The bulk of the concert was made up of their past top forty hits: “Family Of Man”, “Black and White”(Arkin Robinson), “Never been to Spain” (Axton), “Shambala,” “Out in the country,” “Easy to be proud,” “Brickyard Blues,” “One” (Harry Nilsson), “Let me serenade you,” “Old fashioned love song,” “Mama told me not to come” (Randy Newman), “Celebrate,” “Eli’s coming” (Laura Nyro), and “Joy to the World” (Hoyt/Axton). “One,” “Joy to the World”, and “Shambala” were particular crowd favorites. My only wish is that the overall sound level from the instruments was set a bit lower, so it balanced better with their vocal level and not overwhelm it at times.

Between the numbers Hutton and Morgan quipped more than a few jokes. If they had a bit more material, they could have a decent stand-up act.

The band is about to release a new album, the first since 1976, and they performed one of their new songs “Prayer of the children.” It’s quite a soulful, beautiful song, heavy on the vocals, and was very well received. David Hutton insisted it’s not politically motivated. Current headlines from around the world these days make the song topical, and its theme will still stand up by itself long after the nightly news passes into history.

All-in-all everybody seemed to have a good time at the show and a happy crowd waited for the elevators to whisk them away to parking when it was all done.

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  1. Roger O Green says

    this is more a a philosophical question: can a group with one original singer and one original instrumentalist be considered to be that band, especially when its name points to the three singers? I suppose Townshend and Daltrey and whomever can be the Who, but Paul and Ringo aren’t getting together with Clapton and Lynne as The Beatles, e.g.

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