Lee Brice Amazes Albany’s Country Fans at the Palace

Lee Brice played The Palace Theatre on Thursday, October 3, 2019 to an almost full theatre of country fans.

His younger brother, Lewis Brice, opened for Lee. He did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for his older brother. His guitar skills woke up the crowd, and were on par with today’s country culture expectations. Playing older country songs, Lewis Brice’s voice demonstrated tremendous range and strength.

Photo by Claude Sawyer

The younger Brice brother was generous with his time, playing for almost 50 minutes before the headliner took the stage. Lee Brice’s entrance was marked by a rock star entrance as he hyped up the crowd with “Welcome to the Weekend.” It was, actually, only Thursday night, but you wouldn’t have known it by the crowd’s response.

He moved quickly into some of his bigger hits, including “Hard to Love.” Brice is well known for sensitive love songs about relationships and family. He didn’t make fans wait and gave them what they came for early on in the night.

Midway through the concert, Brice brought his younger brother back on stage to perform together. It was a touching moment to see siblings creating together.

Photo by Claude Sawyer

Prior to singing “I Drive Your Truck,” Brice asked audience members to consider members of our community who provide service to others, both military and non military alike. Recognizing teachers, police, and public servants, Brice followed trend with other country stars who took time to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who keep us safe and functioning.

Brice soloed on “Boy,” one of his more popular pieces this year, before leaving the stage to showcase his band, who highlighted their amazing instrumental skills on keys and guitar.

Photo by Claude Sawyer

The cowboys and cowgirls were dancing in the aisles, and the Palace accommodated them in the indoor setting as best they could. Country music is best outside, as it resonates with nature and builds on the spirit of the active crowd. Given the colder weather, though, the Palace offered a suitable setting for country fans to get their country on during fall.

Two encores featured “I Don’t Dance” and “Drinking Class.” Balancing country’s love of romance with its love of working class, average Americans, Brice offered the quintessential closing to his down to earth, real life country vibe.

Photo Gallery by Claude Sawyer

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