Wynonna Reminds a Sold Out Cohoes Music Hall about the Good Ol’ Days

Wynonna & The Big Noise played a soulful, joyful and playful sold-out performance on October 2nd at Cohoes Music Hall. With no shoes upon her feet centered on a large area rug on stage, Judd explained to the crowd how she liked to be comfortable and grounded.

Her bandmates were relaxed and had fun on stage and with the audience. In between songs Judd interacted with a few fans in small conversation. After singing “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days)”, a gentleman yelled out that’s my favorite song that I sing to my 4-year-old granddaughter before bed. Wynonna thanked him and mentioned how cute the crowd was but a 4-year-old is by far much cuter (Wynonna wink here.) Wynonna and her husband, Cactus, the band’s lead drummer, randomly exchanged some playful banter throughout the night as well.

The room was filled with love, big smiles, amazing sound, soft lighting, and a comfortable cozy atmosphere, making it one of the best concerts ever to play at the hall.

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