2019 Saratoga Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting

A crisp, sunny day was the setting for Saratoga Food & Wine’s Grand Tasting on Saturday the 5th of October, where the music was playing, the wine was flowing, and great food was everywhere.  Caffe Lena curated the music, including a band that came all the way from Sweden to an Adirondack duo. Even the food and drink were eclectic as restaurants, wineries, chefs and distillers wowed the crowd at this fundraiser for Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s Art in Education program.  There was a big party vibe you couldn’t help but get caught up in.  Steve Barnes of the Times Union was interviewing Chefs and Artists in one corner while the band had people rocking in the main tent.

Hall of Springs Reflecting Pools

But the real star of the show was the food, take a look.

Bread from Rock Hill Bakery
Olives from Siro’s
Fresh tomatoes
Filet mignon from Siro’s
Chef Mike Spain of the hot new Saratoga restaurant Seneca.
Everywhere you turned there was another great bite.
Something to sip on?
And the entire event held tight to it’s Saratoga roots!

I’ve had the opportunity to see quite a few of these events from both sides of the serving table, and this was just plain fun!  From regional favorite Chef Kim Klopstock curating the food tastings and culinary talent with John Sconzo of  Rascal and Thorn, to Dan Berggren and Dan Duggan getting it done on stage, collaboration was obviously the underlying theme, and it certainly worked well here.  If you’re looking at all this, and thinking, “Gee, we should go next year!” you’re right.  Great cause, great food, great time.     

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