Lego Engineered Building Event, Next Event Oct 21

Celebrating Star Wars this past weekend, the Lego store at the Crossgates Mall, held their Triple Force Friday event, which offered Lego Star Wars fans special offers on select Lego Star Wars sets, along with the first wave of several new Lego Star Wars sets from the new upcoming “The Rise of Skywalker” movie, were made available for purchase over the weekend. 

Customers who bought over $75 in Lego Star Wars merchandise received a free exclusive Lego Star Wars “Battle of Endor” micro build. The promotion also offered any customers dressed liked their favorite Star Wars character, or wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and hat, would receive a free Lego Star Wars mini figure during the three day event. 
Giving back to the adult Lego builder during the Star Wars event, the store held one of their rare, 18+ adult micro builds. On Saturday from 3-5pm, customers who signed up had the opportunity to build an exclusive Lego Star Wars, Luke Skywalker timeline micro build. 

A micro build is a very tiny version of a Lego Theme set. This set is themed after Lego’s BrickHeadz line. Although this build might of been geared to the big kid, children of all ages helped their mom’s and dads pick their parts and build their Skywalker timeline together. 

The Lego store quickly started to pack in as the three o’clock hour inched closer. Lego Store employee Emma, dressed as Darth Vader, opened the cabinet that contained the Lego bricks needed for the build, and set up the station so eager builders could start their micro builds on time. 

In store mini/micro builds usually only take between 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the build. Its something that every Lego fan should experience at least one time. 

Here is how the micro/mini build experience works. Once an in store build starts, those signed up can head over to the designated area of the store for the build, and start any time during hours stated for each event. 

Once there, a store employee will hand you a small Lego bag, a printed instruction manual for the build, and explain how to go about picking the bricks for the build. 

Lego places several boxes in a row with different bricks in each box with numbers on them. Each number indicates how many bricks you put in you bag. Take your time while doing this to make sure you take the right amount of bricks or miss a part all together. Some boxes contain more than one style of brick which can confuse some. Each style brick in all the boxes are needed for each build. If you come across a box with a number 4 marked on it, and you see two different style bricks in the same box, you take 4 of each brick for the build.

Once you have all your bricks, you can head over to a table area in the middle of the store set up for customers to build their set. Warning, no seats. 

At the beginning of each month, parents can sign up “in store,” at the checkout counter, any of their children ages 6-14 for a free in store exclusive mini build scheduled randomly during each month. You can find the calendar of in store events each month on Space is limited and is at a first come, first serve basis. Lego has an upcoming in store micro UFO build for kids on Oct. 16.

Also for those Lego mini figure fans 6-14 years old, the Lego store holds every month, “Mini Figure Swap Monday’s.” This month’s swap will be held on Oct. 21 from 5-6pm.

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  1. Stephenie Brest says

    OMG I can’t believe the final episode is coming out! Did you happen to watch the new trailer that came out yesterday? The final fight between Rey and Kylo Ren is going to be epic.

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