LIVE: Jocelyn & Chris @ Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs 10/11/2019

Siblings Joceyln & Chris returned to the capital district after a long tour to a joyful crowd at Putnam Place October 11th.

Opener Little Days set a celebratory tone with their Indie Rock, peppy music. With fun, pop-sounding music, Little Days has an unusual combination of musicians, including a bassist whose regular gig is Gov’t Mule (Jorgen Carlsson) and partner front singer (Mini Diaz) whose high energy and gritty sound channeled earlier days of rock. Called retro rock, it definitely has the feel of a concert from this writer’s college days.

Little Days used a harmonic structure that was a mixed, harmonic minor with a soul based melodic minor that produced a grunge sound familiar to most who lived through the 90s. While the metronome percussion sound from the first song was slightly triggering for those who have studied music, overall Little Days was a really fun and energetic band who got the crowd dancing before the main act.

When Jocelyn & Chris came on stage, they were greeted with high enthusiasm from the local crowd. Chris’ guitar solo was jaw dropping in the first few moments on stage, and the professionalism of the duo was polished. Their entrance and stage presence commanded immediate attention and respect.

There were some early problems with sound that were quickly corrected, and those problems barely moved the crowd’s attention. Putnam Place was packed to see the homecoming of a favorite duo from Fort Plain.

Jocelyn has a sultry voice well paired to the duo’s rock music style; that, matched with her high velocity jumping while singing some well punctuated lyrics, was impressive. Clearly a strong vocalist and keyboardist, Jocelyn’s musical talent is well matched by her brother’s technique and musicality on guitar.

The Arndt siblings are on their way, as people say, to a fabulous career in rock ‘n roll. Catch them before they get big(ger), so you can be one of the ones to say, “I saw them when…” Jocelyn & Chris are a highly recommended show; catch them if you can!

Photo Gallery by Jim Gilbert

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