LIVE: Comedian Ron White @ Palace Theatre, Albany 10/11/2019

Comedian Ron White came to Albany Friday night, bringing along the raunchy, blue-collar comedy that he has become famous for.  Opening for White was Alabama-born Vic Henley, who did 15 minutes.  Henley wasn’t afraid to get political, most notably in a bit where he made a Donald Trump inspired parody of the Oompa Loompa’s song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory left the packed Palace Theatre roaring and eager for Ron White.

White came out on stage as he always does, smoking a cigar and carrying a glass of tequila.  He began his act by welcoming back out Vic Henley, who has been a close friend of his, for years.  White’s set was hilarious, while vulgar, covering topics such as his questionable attraction to actor Chris Hemsworth, his ex-wives, Bill Cosby, and many other topics.

Toward the end of his hour-long set White told a story from the last time he was here in New York’s capital.  He said after his last show here he was eating dinner when a man came up to him, angry, accusing White of brushing off his son when he asked for a photo, but allowing his wife to come up.  When White went to stand up the man had pushed him back down, then when White retaliated the man threw a right hook, clipping White across the bridge of the nose.  White then said he followed up with two hard punches before his tour manager (who doubles as security) jumped on top of the man.  White told the story in great spirits, saying he didn’t hold it against the city, and jokingly welcomed anyone in the crowd to his hotel after the show for ‘round 2’.

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