Chris’s Short Take: Brazilian Steakhouse on Central Ave.

The log cabin at 1647 Central Ave. has been stuck in my memory as Truman’s Restaurant until recently. Now under the new banner of the Brazilian Steakhouse things have changed.

When I walked in, the owner Wesley Reis, met me at the door with an explanation of how things work at this buffet style churrascaria featuring not only the rotisserie roasted meats but a bevy of sides and a good looking salad bar. I chose a variety of all offered and as waited my turn behind a gentleman at the counter, we struck up a conversation.

“I’m a dentist with an office near here, I sneak over for lunch when I can. I grew up in Brazil and this is the real thing. I grew up in a little town in the mountains near Rio where people from the city built summer homes, it’s a lot cooler up there. There are two kinds of churrascarias there, ‘by the pound’ like this, and others more like Texas de Brazil over in the mall. Have you been to Brazil?” I said, “No, unfortunately…” thinking to myself, “THAT’S about to change.”

I brought my food to a table near the door after picking up an iced tea, as the steakhouse has no liquor license. When I sat down I noticed that the diners in my part of the dining room were conversing in Portuguese for the most part. This place is obviously sought out by Brazilians looking for a taste of home. I remember thinking, “I’m in the right place!” I was.

The meats were roasting away on swords in the rotisserie. Some people refer to these as “skewers”. (I have “skewers” at home I use for BBQ, these things are swords,… trust me.) Beef, Pork, a variety of Sausages, and Chicken, as well as Chicken Hearts, were on the lunch menu the day I first walked in. I found the meats to be perfectly seasoned, and temperature correct throughout. The black beans and meaty rice dish were the perfect complement to the meat as I eyed the desserts across the way.

I have a weakness for Flan, I admit it. The Brazilian Flan they offered was less sweet than it’s Mexican cousins, with a custard forward approach I enjoyed very much.

This is not the place to dress to the nines or expect a long wait for reservations. I strongly suspect it’s “the real thing” though, but you can ask me when I get back from Rio. Until then, say “Hi!” to me when you pass the table near the door.

The Brazilian Steak House
1647 Central Ave.
Colonie, NY 12205
(518) 456-1524

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