The Oshima Brothers Coming to Caffe Lena November 7

The Oshima Brothers bring a certain charm to their performances. They are reminiscent of the boys you grew up with, humble and easy-going, relaxed and carefree on the stage. Their banter comes naturally, and it makes sense given that they have grown up together. Born in rural Maine, they have cultivated a joyful acoustic sound that brings happiness to those listening to them. They are also remarkably humble, thrilled by the success of their song “These Cold Nights”, whose poignant words and melodious form a bright constellation of sound.

The Oshima Brothers will be coming to Caffè Lena on November 7th. They will be joined by The End of America, whose songs and sounds are like a winding road trip across this nation’s grand expanse. Prior to the show, Hangin’ and Sangin’ will be recording a podcast interview with the Oshima Brothers.  If you’d like to be present for the interview, it begins at 6:00. The show itself will begin at 7:00. 

For tickets, please go here.

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