LIVE: Aqueous and Lespecial @ Putnam Place, 10/26/2019

One of the fall’s best tours made their way to Putnam Place on Saturday, October 26 for a night of PR&J (prog-rock and jams.) Aqueous and Lespecial, two bands that highlight the fantastic Northeast music scene, are just starting out their 13 shows together, which run through November 10 in Louisville, KY.

For Lespecial’s opening set, the Massachusetts power trio performed an industrial set of standards “Donut Ghost House I” and “Gallows Hill.” They dipped into their Primus playbook for “Too Many Puppies” and invited up Jaq from Burning Monk, a Rage Against the Machine tribute band out of Burlington, for “Know Your Enemy,” which had the crowd jumping up and down as if Morello and De La Rocha were on stage.

For Aqueous, their two sets were a build over the night from prog-inspired tunes “20/20” and fan favorite “Warren in the Window” in the first set towards more dance-filled numbers including “Strange Times” and “Half In, Half Out” in the second set. A cover of the Raconteurs “Steady as She Goes” and a debut of Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know the Better” gave fans a taste of familiar and new tunes inspiring Aqueous. An encore of “Uncle Phil’s Parachute” found drummer Rob Houk working the drum pad for a venue filled get down.

The bands next perform at The Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh on October 31, then The 8×10 in Baltimore on November 1, and Richmond Music Hall in Richmond, VA on November 2. Find more tour dates here and download the show from

Lespecial photos by Sean Bemand, Aqueous photos by Jim Gilbert.

Lespecial Setlist: Improv > Donut Ghost House I , Gallows Hill , Fruit Wolf Dance, Too Many Puppies > Hello Skinny > Too Many Puppies+, New Fish, Know Your Enemy*, The Vessel, Tonberry^

*Rage Against the Machine, with Jaq from Burning Monk 

+ Primus

^bad guy, Billie Eilish tease

Aqueous Setlist:

Set 1: 20/20, Warren in the Window (1), Realize Your Light, Steady As She Goes (2) > Weight of the Word, Going Nowhere

Set 2: Strange Times (3), Mosquito Valley, Pt II, The Less I Know the Better (4), Half In, Half Out, They’re Calling For Ya > Kitty Chaser (Explosions) (5)

Encore: Uncle Phil’s Parachute (6,7)

1- Closer to the Heart (Rush) tease
2- The Raconteurs
3- Gordon’s Mule tease
4- Tame Impala cover, debut
5- Crepes the Sloth Jam
6- Schism (Tool) tease
7- Falling Away From Me (KoRn) tease

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