A Pig Roast at Riverside Maple Farms & Field Notes with St Croix Farms and Wolf Hollow Breweries

To say it was good and cold would be painfully accurate in describing the weather that the crew at Riverview Maple Farms had to deal with for their annual pig roast out in the Mohawk Valley on Saturday. Not as cold as it was Friday night when the chef, Kyle Macpherson, (of Field Notes, a Farm to Table stand out,) had to deal with a night by the open fire to ensure the pig would be perfect for Saturday’s festivities. The pig didn’t disappoint, nor did MacPherson.

The Riverside Maple Farm is an under-recognized gem about 15 minutes west of Schenectady. Their annual pig roast is a matter of pride for these folks who pull out all the stops at what proved to be a very impressive facility on the banks of the Mohawk River. Here are some pics of Saturday’s fun.

Folks taking a tour of the maple processing facility on Saturday.
This tank holds 3200 gallons of maple sap and is emptied three times daily during the spring harvest season!
You can even try your hand at making Maple Cotton Candy when you visit.
Both the St. Croix chickens and the pig were cooked over an open pit.

The farmer from St. Croix Farms explained to me, “This pig had one amazing life, (and one bad day.)”

The food and hospitality just didn’t quit.
Local/regional favorites Three Quarter North played some hot bluegrass to keep the crowd toasty.
Mix all this with a fine brew to wet your whistle,…

Add some tasty treats to take home, and you’ve had a great day on the farm! That’s Maple Soft serve ice cream,…(I know, I know, it’s too cold for ice cream, but it’s ridiculously good!) Chris Welch, ice cream maker extraordinaire,…awesome job Chef!

When Riverview Farms join forces with St. Croix Farms, Field Notes, and Wolf Hollow Brewing, the result of the collaboration is greater than the sum of the parts. Take an afternoon to go over with the family and see the farm, and save the date for the pig roast next year. Watch for more on both farms, Field Notes, and Wolf Hollow Brewing here.

Riverside Maple Farms
7152 Amsterdam Rd
Glenville, NY 12302

Open 10 am – 6pm
Closed Tuesdays
[email protected]

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