Chris Shaw’s Holiday Shopping Pitstops in Troy

You know the drill. Make the list. Check it twice. Run like mad from shop to shop, find parking, remember Uncle Louis’ sweater size. Suddenly you’re starved  So where to go for a treat for your holiday shopping sprees? Here are some great choices you may not have considered.

Santa looooves the saxaphone (photo by Sebastien Barre)


It’s getting harder by the day to find a bad bite in downtown Troy. With the Victorian Stroll almost upon us, and all the boutique shopping that downtown Troy offers these days, when you find yourself looking for a little something try these:

33 2nd St, Troy, NY 12180
(518) 687-0345

OK guys, you’re going to have to look a little for this one! Across the street from the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, one level down the street you’ll find Bacchus: a pizza, beer friendly spot that also offers pasta dishes. I’ve been there as a couple, with a group of friends, and in a private party setting and it’s been consistently good. A quick pie and a glass of wine after shopping? Got ya covered…

McAddy’s Pub
452 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180

Back in the day, this was the legendary Holmes and Watson famous for both partying and music. Played more than a few tunes in there myself in the 80’s. One of the traditions then was for everyone in the place to walk out at precisely midnight, and wave at a bar full of people who came out from their place down the street. Then everyone would go back in for a drink, sandwich, or some of Mike William’s killer clam chowder. These days it’s called McAddy’s Pub with the same great atmosphere, and a nice variety of sandwiches. Oh, and Mike may be gone, but the soup is still good.

Next stop: Albany! Check back to Nippertown for Chris’s Albany list…

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